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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Legal Fees and Taxes | Family Law Firm

Legal Fees and Taxes Are you curious about legal fees and taxes? It’s that time of year again when everyone is trying to maximize their tax breaks. If you’ve been involved in family law litigation you should discuss whether or not you have any sort of tax breaks or benefits that may have resulted or ...
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Daycare Burnaby | Being A Single Parent

Are you looking for a daycare in Burnaby? Maybe you are in need of early childhood child care facilities? This article will discuss how dealing with a Burnaby daycare can be different if you are a single parent. Dealing with daycare during divorce can be complex. More and more parents are choosing to be returning ...

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Mandatory Information Program Ontario

Posted March 9, 2018
Mandatory Information Program Ontario Across the provinces, the litigation process in Canada has started to require parties to take classes and seminars before starting family law litigation. It is an effort by the government to ensure that parties are informed about the legal process. People obtain details about available support programs and become more knowledgeable ...
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Lawyer Fees: Retainers, Fees and Disbursements?

Posted March 7, 2018
Lawyer Retainer Fee | How Do Lawyers Bill? Are you wanting to hire a lawyer but you are concerned about the hourly rate or lawyer fees? Are you not sure how lawyers bill? We put together this article to explain the lawyer’s fee difference which depends on the area of law practiced. There are three ...
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Legal Fees Tax Deduction

Posted March 1, 2018
Legal Fees Tax Deduction The cost of going to court can get expensive. When legal fees begin to increase, spouses start to look for ways to recapture their money spent. One question that clients have is whether they can claim their fees on their tax returns. The answer is yes, some legal fees can be ...
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