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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Preparing for Family Law Court In Toronto

Family Law Court In Toronto | Division Of Property Going to family law court in Toronto to deal with your family law matter can be extremely stressful. You should be preparing for court, especially if you are unclear as to what you have to do. Judges, court clerks, and security checks can make attending family ...
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New Toronto Law Firm Now Open

New Toronto Law Firm Now Open ClearWay Law has opened a new Toronto law firm. We do family law and immigration law. This is an innovative law firm that tries not to use physical office space. Instead, the lawyers and staff work from home whenever possible. This allows our law firm to pass on the ...
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What is a Domestic Contract? | Family Lawyers

What is the Domestic Contract? A domestic contract is a separation agreement, cohabitation agreement, or marriage agreement. It’s when you and your partner make an agreement about your relationship. It is sort of like an insurance policy in case things go wrong. There are three different types of domestic agreements: A separation agreement deals with ...
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What Are Section 7 Expenses Ontario & BC?

So you’ve paid your monthly child support on time and in full. Why are you still getting requests to pay for other things for the kids then? As outlined in the Federal Child Support Guidelines, there are different categories of child support. The monthly base child support that is typically identified in court orders through ...

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What is Mediation in Ontario?

What is Mediation in Ontario? Are you looking for mediation in Ontario? Are you afraid of what a judge may order regarding your family law matter? What if you do not have the money to pay monthly lawyer bills? Multiple trips to the family court to try and obtain court orders on multiple issues can ...
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Lump Sum Spousal Support

Lump-Sum Spousal Support No one wants to deal with an ex any longer than they need to. Monthly spousal support payments can be a constant aggravation. It is a reminder that you owe them something, even if you don’t really agree with the court order. If the relationship was over 10 years you could be ...
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The Purpose Of Spousal Support | Family Lawyers

The Purpose Of Spousal Support Spousal support can be a difficult topic to settle between separating spouses. Sometimes the paying spouse feels that the other spouse doesn’t deserve spousal support or doesn’t truly need spousal support and should be able to get by on their own.  Usually, this is because the purpose of spousal support ...
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Grandparent Rights to Access | Child Custody Lawyers

Grandparent Rights to Access Are you curious about grandparents rights to access children? In family law proceedings grandparent rights to access are often ignored throughout the custody and access discussions. Parties typically have their hands full trying to figure out what their share of the children’s time will look like and grandparents can be left ...
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Family Law Disclosure | Family Lawyers

Family Law Disclosure Are you concerned about family law disclosure? In Ontario family law courts, it has become expected by judges that both parties to an action will provide any and all relevant financial and property disclosure to each other before bringing a motion or proceeding to a settlement conference. Yet a lot of people ...
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Hacking Email During Divorce

Posted April 9, 2018
Hacking Email During Divorce Hacking email during divorce is a common situation. Most people are glued to their cell phones or computers. Email is their main line of communication with the rest of the world. Most people do not consider the security issues that are involved with emails. These include fraud, viruses, and scams. When ...
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