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Children Aid Society Ontario

Posted May 20, 2019
Children Aid Society Ontario Have you received a visit from the Children Aid Society (CAS)? Have they taken your child away? Our family law firm receives many calls per week (normally at night) from people that are under investigation from CAS. We also receive calls from people that have had their child taken away by ...
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Common Lawsuits Your Business Should Know About

Posted May 18, 2019
Common Lawsuits Your Business Should Know About We have put together a list of common lawsuits against employers. Running a business is more than selling products and services to the general public or to businesses. There are many pitfalls that can cause a business to go under, such as lawsuits against companies. These lawsuits can ...
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Attorney Scams

Posted May 17, 2019
Attorney Scams Attorney scams to be everywhere. Running a law firm is a lot of work but can be very rewarding when you find out you are helping people. When someone contacts us and says they have family court in the morning (super late notice) and we can meet the demand, it feels good. However, ...
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Ontario Will Planning

Posted May 14, 2019
Ontario Will Planning Do you need Ontario will planning? This blog will teach you what you need to know. In the past there were companies that would create wills, be the executor of the wills, and administer the wills. Decades ago Canadian banks bought up most of these companies. These companies that take care of ...
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Common Childhood Reactions to Separation

Posted May 10, 2019
Common Childhood Reactions to Separation Childhood reactions to separation can vary greatly. All children have reactions to the news that their parents are separating. There are some common reactions that happen when parents decide to live apart. Parents need to be ready for the inevitable role they will play in co-regulating their child’s reactions to ...
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Ways To End A Contract

Posted May 2, 2019
Ways To End A Contract There are a number of ways to end a contract. Once a contract has been formed, the parties are expected to follow what they agreed to. This is called performance of the contract. If you want to end a contract, it is called discharge of contract. Neither party will have ...
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