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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Vancouver Real Estate Lawyer

Vancouver Real Estate Lawyer Vancouver real estate lawyer- Do you need one? Our lawyer in West Vancouver can assist you. Karen Bresler is a Vancouver real estate lawyer who also has an office in Duncan BC. Many people find hiring a lawyer difficult. Beyond price, you want a lawyer that communicates well and get the ...
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Business Lawyer Ottawa

Lawyers In Ottawa Are you looking for a Business Lawyer In Ottawa? Our corporate lawyers can help you inside or outside the court. They can help with shareholder agreements or business lawsuits. Ontario business law can be complicated. I was reading that Manulife Financial had done a report on investor sentiment in Canada. The report ...
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Who Gets The Family Home In A Divorce?

Who Gets The Family Home In A Divorce? Many people want to know who gets the family home in a divorce. Your home is the place where you started your life together, raised your children or may hope to retire. When divorce or separation occur, being wrenched away from your home can be traumatic. The ...
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Business Lawyers – What is Franchising?

Business Lawyer For Franchises What is Franchising? ClearWay Law has business lawyers in Toronto, Ontario. If you need a Toronto business lawyer, please call us toll-free at 1-844-466-6529 Franchising is complex, and a lawyer can help you make sense of it all. We included some basis explanations below. Application Form The basic document you use ...
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How To Get Divorce Papers In Canada

How To Get Divorce Papers In Canada Are you looking to get divorce papers in Canada? You can talk yourself into being in love, in only 45 minutes. Psychologist Arthur Aron of Stony Brook University recommends asking your potential life partner 36 questions and then spending four minutes gazing into each other’s eyes. In Canada, ...
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How To Talk About Prenuptial Agreements

How To Talk About Prenuptial Agreements Most people would agree that having a prenuptial agreement (marriage agreement) is a good idea. Yet most people don’t know how to talk about prenuptial agreements. The idea of speaking about divorce while you are planning a wedding seems like a bad idea. I often tell our clients that ...
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Can You Move With Your Children?

Can You Move With Your Children? Want to move with your children? You have separated from your partner and are pursuing a new love. Moving in seems logical. It’s the next step in the exciting life you are creating together. Or so it seems. What could happen if you have children might surprise you. “AJ” ...
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