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Monthly Archives: September 2019

What is Sole Custody in BC?

Interests Of The Children Are you looking for sole custody in BC? You can experience the ClearWay, a simple approach to getting legal results. Move from your complication situation to a streamlined approach to law. End up with solid legal advice from lawyers who sincerely wish to help. If you need a family lawyer, please ...
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Getting Arrested During Divorce

Getting Arrested During Divorce Getting arrested during divorce can lead to issues, such as losing custody of your children. Criminal law often goes hand in hand in family law. Emotions can go high during a divorce, and sometimes it brings out the worst in people. I hope none of our family law clients ever need ...
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Financial Income Inequality in Marriage

Money Issues | Talking About Money   Is a divorce affecting your entire family? Was there financial income inequality in marriage? As a parent, you expect married children to work out their own divorce issues. That all could change if you have deep pockets. Do you prefer watching videos to reading blogs? Then go to ...
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Is Your Ex Harassing You Through The Courts?

What To Do If Someone Is Calling Harassing You?   Is your ex harassing you through the courts? When is going to court over and over again an abuse of process? Ontario Superior Court of Justice (ONSC) intervened when a lawyer and engineer breached repeated court orders and withheld information from his spouse. The couple ...
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Ontario Franchise Law

Ontario Franchise Law Author: Alistair Vigier We have a lawyer in Toronto that does Ontario franchise law. We put together this article to provide more information about franchise law. Franchising is the granting of the rights by a successful company (the franchisor) to another, independent entity (the franchisee) to do business in a according to ...
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Nasar Iqbal | London Ontario Family Lawyer

Nasar Iqbal | London Ontario Divorce Lawyer Prior to joining ClearWay Law, Nasar Iqbal worked for the Ministry of the Attorney General Ontario. He worked as a Court Registrar for more than 2.5 years. Nasar Iqbal worked with an experienced downtown Toronto Lawyer. This was in the position of a legal assistant for 1 year. ...
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Business Taxes Ontario

Business Taxes Ontario Business taxes Ontario, it can get complicated! It’s a familiar refrain. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Five long years later, one group of Canadian investors discovered avoiding this tax scheme would have been a time and money saver. Even senior tax lawyers and financial advisors got ...
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Child Mediation Process

By Lisa Romano-Dwyer PhD, RSW How will hiring a mediator help me with my family law issue? What is the child mediation process? Separation and divorce processes are complicated matters that often occur in a myriad of social and emotional experiences for everyone involved. Mediation is often considered for people who can work with a ...
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