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How Can A Law Firm Save The Environment?

How A Law Firm Can Save The Environment How can a law firm save the environment? I do a lot of travel for business, and I hate how everything is single serving with plastic. To reduce the amount of impact from plastic on the environment (and my body) I travel with my own steel fork ...
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Marriage Agreement Sample

Marriage Agreement Sample   Are you looking for a marriage agreement sample? Once Clearway Lite is ready, you will be able to download one here. Ever since we were children, we’ve been fed, and even force fed the notion that marriage is something that is along the lines of “till death do us apart”. And ...

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Paul Henry – British Columbia Family Lawyer

Paul Henry Paul Henry was born and raised in England. He attended school and university in England, where he obtained his law degree, and became a lawyer in England before emigrating to Canada. In British Columbia, Paul qualified as a barrister and solicitor. Paul has had his own law practice in Kelowna for 23 years; ...
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Separation Agreement Template Ontario

Separation Agreement Template Ontario Separation agreement template Ontario, are you looking for one? Separations are as tough as divorces. There’s a phenomenal amount of stress, frustration and grieving involved. Also, you must shell out copious amounts of money on lawyers. But of course, the lawyers help you navigate through the unbelievably complex mazes of a ...

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Divorce Mistakes To Avoid

Four common mistakes that happen during a divorce We have put together a list of divorce mistakes to avoid. In every relationship, everyone wishes they will have a fairy-tale ending. They want a “happily ever after”. But did you know that the divorce rate in Canada alone is up to 38%? This is according to ...

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Last Will and Testament Template

Last Will and Testament Template in Canada Are you looking for a last will and testament template? Writing a will is not an exciting task. But it can be one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones. You can decide who will get your property.  If you do it right, ...

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Non-Disclosure Agreement Template 

Using a Non-Disclosure Agreement Template Are you looking to download a non-disclosure agreement template online? Most people will spend a long time online looking for the right nondisclosure agreement template to protect their confidential information. Using the template could save them up to thousands of dollars if they do it correctly. There is an issue ...
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Revocation of Power of Attorney Template

Revocation of Power of Attorney Template   Are you looking for a revocation of power of attorney template? We have been working on Clearway Lite in order to make things easy for you. You will be able to download legal documents and do it yourself. You must be aware of the laws of your province ...
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Burnaby Family Lawyer | BC Family Law Firm

Burnaby Family Lawyer Are you looking for a Burnaby family lawyer? Our law group provides legal services in the area of Burnaby BC. We service the entire provinces of Ontario and British Columbia, regardless of where you are located. How does it work at ClearWay Law? You work with us 100% online. If you want ...
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