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Monthly Archives: December 2019

What is Access to Justice?

Legal Representation The access to justice problem is a continuing issue in the legal industry. Lawyers don’t trust clients to pay their bills, and clients don’t trust lawyers to send honest bills. Everyone in the industry seems to talk about the problem, but no one seems to do much about it. What is access to ...
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Solve The Access To Justice Problem | Lawyers

It’s time to solve the access to justice problem   It’s now time to stop talking about it and solve the access to justice problem. In some divorce courts in Canada, 70% of people are self-represented.  This is terrible because it means that people are preferring to take care of their serious legal issues instead of hiring a lawyer. It’s like if people were doing surgery on themselves instead of ...
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Law Firm’s Must Raise Capital | Legal Innovation

Law Firms Must Raise Capital Law firms must raise capital in order to grow. Law firms are always ten years (minimum) behind other industries. Most lawyers are now just starting to discuss social media. That something that was popular for businesses to expand their marketing into a decade ago. Most old school lawyers fight against innovation. They do this as they feel ...
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Adoption Lawyer | BC and Ontario

Adoption Lawyer In BC Are you looking for a BC adoption lawyer to help you with all the paperwork? Adopting a child can be a stressful and long process, but it doesn’t have to be. You are in luck; there is an adoption lawyer (Paul Henry) who works with clients in BC. There are very ...
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Common Law In Alberta | What Are Your Rights? 2020

Common Law Relationship Are you looking for help with common law in Alberta? More and more young people are choosing to not get married. Instead, they often choose to enter common-law relationships. Many people enter into common-law relationships when they are in their 20’s or 30’s. Common law is more complicated than marriage because there ...
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What Is Considered Common Law In Canada?

Common-Law In Canada Are you considered common-law In Canada? Many people contact our lawyer referral service as they wonder if they are considered common law. The Family Law Act was created in 2013. Fast forward many years later and people still seem to have a lot of doubts and misconceptions regarding common law. Especially when ...
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