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Monthly Archives: February 2020

First Nation Divorce | Finding Top Family Lawyers

First Nation Divorce Are you looking for a First Nation divorce? Divorce can be complicated. But being a minority can make things even more complex. An example would be the First Nation’s using their status to influence family court disputes. A First Nations father who asked a family law court to vary a parenting schedule ...
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The Client Centered Law Firm | Book Review

Client-Centered Law Firm I just read The Client Centered Law Firm by Jack Newton. I met Jack at the Clio Conference back in 2019 and I was impressed by his vision. He allowed me to interview him, and you can see the story here:  The Massive Capital Raise Made Me Stay In Vancouver ClearWay Law ...
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Experienced Family Lawyer In Toronto

Experienced Family Lawyer In Toronto Are you looking for an experienced family lawyer in Toronto? We have top lawyers who offer Chinese service and represent Chinese individuals that are high net worth and have a lot of property. Of course, we have top family lawyers that can represent any high net individuals, regardless of where ...
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Best Lawyers In Vaughan Ontario

Best Lawyers In Vaughan Are you looking for a Vaughan law firm? We have lawyers in Vaughan who have extended their list of legal services. The name of the law firm is Vector law. In addition to family law and business law, the lawyers now practice personal injury, litigation (not family), and employment law. It ...
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