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Marketing For Lawyers | Market Your Law Firm

Marketing For Lawyers | Phone Or In Person There are a lot of agencies out there who offer marketing for lawyers. If you read the Legal Trend Report, you will see that lawyers are having a hard time getting clients. ClearWay Law is bridging the gap between lawyers and their clients. We are currently offering ...
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Lawyer Referral Service | Find A Lawyer

Legal Consultation | Legal Information If you are a client looking for a top lawyer in BC or Ontario, call our referral service toll-free at 1-844-466-6529 We will connect you with the best lawyer for you. You can also book a consultation on our main website or reach out via the live chat function. Once ...
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How Can I Search My Spouses Property?

What’s An Anton Piller Order?   With around 40% of marriages ending in divorce, Canadians need to be aware of their rights. Police are not the only ones who can get a search warrant to search your property. Anyone can apply for a search warrant!   Canadians love getting divorced. Quebec has the highest rate ...
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Canada Online Legal Services | Find The Best Lawyers

Canada Online Legal Services Are you looking for a good Canada online legal services website? We created an online marketplace for legal services because we saw that clients were enjoying working with lawyers online in countries like the USA and the United Kingdom. Further, there are massive companies there that serve hundreds of thousands of ...
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How Can You Receive A Section 211 Report?

Receive A Section 211 Report A Section 211 report is also called custody and access reports. They are documents with respect to your children. They are created by a specialist such as a psychologist or other evaluator. Section 211 of the BC Family Law Act authorizes these studies. This is why they are called section ...
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