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Daily Archives: March 16, 2020

Technology Companies Are Competing With Law Firms

Competing With Law Firms There are new kinds of companies competing with law firms. Many lawyers want to start their own business. The idea of being their own boss is very attractive. The idea of working for 10 years just to have the opportunity to invest money and “make partner at the firm” isn’t as attractive ...
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Legal Tech Investment

Tech Investments Investment In Legal Legal tech platforms are changing the legal industry. Confidence in hiring the right lawyer is the value generated by legal tech platforms. Much has recently been published about “legal tech platforms” and their implications on the legal field. Regarding the tech platforms, I’m making a reference to the online business ...
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Legal Technology Companies Are Not Law Firms

Legal Tech Is Changing Canada Legal technology companies are not law firms. Nor do they have lawyers on staff providing legal advice. For example, Almu is not a law firm. We connect people to lawyers in an easy to use way. Read on to discover the best way to tackle your simple legal issues. The ...
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