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Daily Archives: March 17, 2020

Online Legal Services

Legal Consultation  Are you looking for a good Canada online legal services website? We created an online marketplace for legal services because we saw that clients were enjoying working with lawyers online in countries like the USA and the United Kingdom. Further, there are massive companies there that serve hundreds of thousands of people per ...
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How Can You Receive A Section 211 Report?

Receive A Section 211 Report A Section 211 report is also called custody and access reports. They are documents with respect to your children. They are created by a specialist such as a psychologist or other evaluator. Section 211 of the BC Family Law Act authorizes these studies. This is why they are called section ...
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Toronto Family Law Court

Toronto Family Law Are you planning to go to the Toronto family law court? Many people that are married or common-law these days need to understand family law. Everyone knows that half of the people that are married end up getting divorced. And that doesn’t take into account the common-law partners that split up. Having ...
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Buying Legal Documents Online

Rental Property | Real Estate Many people are looking into buying legal documents online. Nowadays, many people want to get cheap online legal services. Sites such as Legalzoom or Law Depot are online sites where you can create legal documents without necessarily having to pay for a lawyer. Documents available are wills and living trusts, ...
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