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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Divorce Due To Social Media | Marital Problems

Romantic Partner | Facebook Accounts Are you planning to go through a divorce due to social media? Are you suspicious about the amount of time on Facebook your spouse spends? Social networking sites are great for connecting people. However, sometimes it might help your romantic partner find the wrong type of people. Do you have ...
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How To Develop Customer Loyalty

Loyal Customers | Customer Satisfaction Are you trying to improve develop customer loyalty? This article is for lawyers and investors. It’s not written for people looking for legal services. All startups need to mitigate business risk. The largest risk is if there is no market need. These are very avoidable reasons. All you have to ...
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Employment Agreement Toronto

Contract Of Employment | Employer And Employee Are you looking for an employment agreement in Toronto? Our lawyers in Toronto can create employment agreements for companies anywhere in Canada. If you are not in Toronto, they can work with you over video conferencing or email. By working remotely, this saves the lawyers money. Therefore, the ...
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Online Marketing For Law Firms

Are you looking for online marketing for law firms? If you landed on this page from Google or Bing, you can see how Google search marketing can work. ClearWay Law used to be a law firm. We then changed to a lead generation service for law firms. Instead of law firms paying us for unknown ...
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Is Infecting Others With COVID-19 Against The Law?

Coronavirus Outbreak | Centers For Disease Control   Is infecting others with COVID-19 against the law? The Coronavirus outbreak is already very stressful. However, there are many people that want to make things worse. This is made clear by those that enjoy posting stupid videos on the internet. For example, those that go around licking ...
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Five Things to Know About Bail In Canada

You might be wondering how does bail work in Canada? Bail is a written order granted by the court. This order allows an accused person charged with a criminal offense to be out of jail. Such a person awaits trial or some other resolution by the court, like guilty or withdrawal of charges. The Criminal ...

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Does COVID-19 Hurt Your Marriage Or Make It Stronger?

Marriage Licences | Coronavirus Pandemic Can COVID-19 hurt your marriage? Or is it possible that it might improve during the Coronavirus pandemic? Being in quarantine or self-isolation makes you discover who your spouse truly is. Your partner might have had excuses for not playing with their kids because of work. They may have said they ...
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Future Of Lawyers | Opportunities and Challenges

Legal Profession | Traditional Legal What is the future of lawyers? These days as long as you have a good internet connection at home, you can be successful working remotely. There are many people around the world that cannot do that. For example, there are many jobs where remote working is impossible. All lawyers should ...
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Can Someone Post My Information Online?

Canadian Privacy Law | Allowed To Post Information? You might be wondering “can someone post my information online?” Around the 2010s, many lawyers were filing lawsuits against directory companies in the USA. This was over the online directories’ use of the lawyer’s profile on the website without permission. Companies like Avvo, Total Attorneys, and Nolo, ...
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