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Are Chinese People Afraid Of Lawyers?

Chinese People Hire Lawyers Less Often

Chinese People Afraid Of Lawyers

Are Chinese people afraid of lawyers? There are around 300,000 lawyers in China, 130,000 in Canada, and around 1,300,000 in the USA. It is common for Chinese people to use a lawyer for business contracts in China. If things go bad, they might hire the lawyer for a lawsuit. The courts in China can be very complicated and it’s almost impossible to take it on yourself.

Chinese people normally don’t hire a lawyer when they purchase real estate in China. Further, very few Chinese people hire a lawyer when dealing with divorce in China. Almost everything is dealt with verbally. Many Chinese immigrants don’t realize that they need a lawyer to do a lot of things in Canada.

In China, many people don’t hire lawyers when dealing with sensitive subjects. For example, most people don’t hire a lawyer for divorce unless things are going south.

The Chinese Legal Market Is Growing

The Chinese legal market is growing and is now around $40 billion/year in Canadian dollars. In 2015, Tencent joined the legal industry and started dominating in China. Alipay, a sub-company of Chinese giant Alibaba, also joined the legal industry the same year. Baidu (Chinese Google) created a lawyer referral service in 2016.

When Chinese people immigrate to Canada, they normally do the immigration law work themselves. Further, they might hire a consultant if they are willing to spend some money. Many Chinese people are price sensitive. They will make decisions based on who is the cheapest. They seem to see little difference in value from service to service.

China has the largest population in the world. However, they have a small comparative legal market. Therefore, Chinese immigrants who come to Canada should adjust their mindset. They need to get used to legal services and lawyers. In Canada, you need lawyers to buy houses, to file a divorce, or sign any agreement.

Are Chinese people afraid of lawyers? They shouldn’t be. You can call us at 1-844-466-6529. We offer Chinese service in Mandarin.

Helping Chinese People In Toronto and Vancouver

Many Chinese people in Toronto and Vancouver call ClearWay Law. Since we used to be a family law firm, it is normally divorce rated. However, we also offer real estate law, business law, and wills and estates.

Chinese people often have many questions about how the divorce process works in Canada. Also, many of them are shocked to hear that they need to get a separation agreement done professionally. This needs to be done by a Canadian lawyer. This is often required by their bank to re-finance their mortgage after separation. Therefore, they don’t have a choice. Also, the separation agreement normally costs between $1500-3000.

China Is All About Building Your Network Slowly

Chinese people often like to “think about it” before signing up. Whereas Canadians are more comfortable making quick decisions.

Also, once the separation agreement is done, they need to receive independent legal advice. The ILA normally costs around $400 as well. Many Chinese don’t take this seriously, and they just get their English speaking friend to create something. Or maybe they can download a template online. Therefore, this leads to things getting worse and more complicated. If they had done things right from the beginning, it likely would have been much cheaper and faster.

Chinese people need to see the value that Canadian lawyers bring to their clients. Canada is not the same as China.

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Chinese should not be afraid of lawyers. They need to learn how to work with a lawyer to protect themselves. This is important to avoid making mistakes.

ClearWay law helps Chinese immigrants connect to experienced and trustworthy lawyers. Further, we take your information and then connect you to the best lawyer. Our Chinese legal assistants do translations. Therefore, you can hire a lawyer who doesn’t speak Chinese. Many Chinese people prefer to hire lawyers who have lived in Canada their whole life. However, they are concerned about the language barrier. The legal assistants stay in contact with the Chinese clients, answering calls seven days a week.

This level of high availability is not common in Canada. However, it is something that is important to Chinese people. Therefore, many Chinese are shocked at how hard it is to speak to someone in Canada.

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