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Orillia Ontario Top Lawyers | North Of Toronto

Posted April 1, 2020
Orillia Ontario | Lawyers Providing Legal Advice   Two of our lawyers have been looking to open up a satellite office in Orillia. The lawyers are providing legal advice for family law, real estate, and probate in Orillia Ontario. It quite far from Toronto so our lawyers will mostly provide legal services and advice over ...
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Advice For Employers In BC | Layoffs During COVID-19

Layoffs In BC Because Of The Virus |COVID-19 This memo will outline the law in British Columbia relating to employee leaves of absence due to COVID-19 and layoffs of employees due to business or operations closures and/or reductions in work due to COVID-19. It will also include our recommendations for best practices for provincially regulated ...
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Tips For Working From Home During COVID-19

Tips For Working From Home | COVID Virus Working from home can be very hard for some people. The health crisis caused by COVID-19 has quickly become a larger financial crisis than the 2008 financial crash. You can expect to work from home for at least the next few months or even longer. A vaccine ...
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Marketing For Lawyers | Market Your Law Firm

Marketing For Lawyers | Phone Or In Person There are a lot of agencies out there who offer marketing for lawyers. If you read the Legal Trend Report, you will see that lawyers are having a hard time getting clients. ClearWay Law is bridging the gap between lawyers and their clients. We are currently offering ...
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Lawyer Referral Service | Find The Best Lawyer

Lawyer Referrals| Legal Information If you are a client looking for a top lawyer in BC or Ontario, call our referral service toll-free at 1-844-466-6529 We will connect you with the best lawyer for you. You can also book a consultation on our main website or reach out via the live chat function. Once you ...
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