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Protecting Property In Common Law

Posted July 7, 2018
Family Law Firm Toronto Cohabitation agreement, pre-nup, marriage contract. You’ve heard the terms on tv and by people passing by. Why bother learning what they mean if you don’t plan on getting married? If you live with a boyfriend or girlfriend, protecting property in common law is important to speak to a family lawyer about. ...
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Family Law Protection Orders Ontario

Posted July 1, 2018
Are you looking for family law protection orders in Ontario? Sometimes the conflict between former spouses builds up and turns into verbal or physical confrontations. These situations typically result in either a non-harassment, no contact or limited contact order.  Usually the terms of such orders have fairly clear direction such as “do not come within ...
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Reducing Costs in Family Law

Family law can be expensive if both spouses cannot agree on terms. Reducing costs in family law is often a key concern. Even alternative methods to the court system, such as mediation or arbitration, can sometimes be expensive. One of the largest concerns that every client has is how to reduce their legal fees. Here are ...
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Ontario Common Law Relationships

Do you want to learn about Ontario Common Law and how it affects you? More and more couples today are opting out of marriage. The social stigma’s around unmarried couples living together is almost nonexistent. Many people want to stay away from the traditional values of marriage. So what does that mean when common law ...
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Down Payment Made by Parents: Loan or Gift?

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently addressed whether a down payment made by a parent will be classified as a loan. They discussed if it would be excluded from the calculation of net family property. Or would it be considered a gift to be included as family property for equalization. In Barber v. Magee, ...
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Understanding Uncontested Divorce- Ontario

Posted June 3, 2018
Are you looking for information about uncontested divorce? Most people will tell you that going through a divorce is the most stressful time of their lives. Too many hours are spent on arguing with their ex. On top of that there may be a huge legal bill at the end of the fight. Neither party ...
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Children Activities with your Ex

Posted June 1, 2018
Children Activities with your Ex When dealing with your children’s schedules and your separation, it’s always best to try to minimize the disruption. Children Activities with your Ex is something you need to think about. If the children continue with their daily routines there will likely be less stress on them. The transition to a full ...
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Spousal Support During Remarriage

Posted May 31, 2018
Spousal Support During Remarriage Do you have questions about spousal support during remarriage? You have been paying your monthly spousal support diligently. It has been paid monthly as you agreed or were ordered to. You’ve never missed a payment. You try not to complain about it when talking to your ex. We have family lawyers ...
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