Beijing Law Firm

Law Firm In Beijing FAQ

Yes, as is true with most things in China, things move quick. Laws can change very fast in China.

Yes, Beijing now has around 20,000 lawyers. 40% of China's lawyers live in Beijing. This is because that's where the Chinese government is headquartered (in the capital.) The lawyers need to be near the government.

Most companies that do foreign trade are located in Shanghai. Also, a lot of foreign companies set up their HQ in Beijing.

Yes, but only about Canadian law. They cannot offer legal advice about Beijing law.

Yes, you need to hire a lawyer that can deal with the legal issue where it exists. If you have a house in Toronto and Beijing, you will likely need a lawyer in each country.

When you contact us, we will pass on your information to our lawyers in Beijing. Let us know how you want them to contact you. They can call you, email, or Wechat you.