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Beijing Law Firm

Beijing Law Firm

Are you looking for a Beijing law firm? We have a team of lawyers in Beijing that can help you with your legal needs. The lawyers can help people in Beijing with a bunch of different legal issues. The most common are family law and business law. The Beijing law firm also helps with local disputes between people and companies.

Here are a few of the clients the lawyer team in Beijing have represented:

Hyundai, Shandong Airlines, Shandong Gold Group, Coca Cola, Digital China, McDonald’s, China Construction Bank, and 360 Search Engine.

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China Lawyer Locations

  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Tongzhou

The Beijing Lawyers Services

  • Bank laws in China
  • Family law
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy law in China
  • Business law
  • Real estate law in China
  • Construction rules and problems in Beijing
  • How to not get in trouble with the government
  • Doing business in China risk management
  • Lawsuits in Beijing
  • Registering trademarks in China

Complex Transactional Chinese Deals

A lawyer in Beijing said that lawyers in the west are very nice. In Beijing, the judges are very serious. The judges in China are not willing to explain anything to the lawyers or clients. Most judges in Canada are willing to explain things and are very patient.

When you are dealing with complex transactional deals, you don’t want to make a mistake. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced lawyer in Beijing help you. Our lawyers are the most experienced and have hundreds of years of experience between them.

A lot of lawyers in China do commercial disputes. Going to court can be fun for many lawyers as it’s challenging. It’s very easy to set up a new business in Canada. It’s much harder to set up a business in China. It takes longer in Beijing to set up a business and it’s more expensive. The Chinese government has been working hard to improve their efficiency.

The courts are open to the public in Canada. In China, the courts and government buildings are closed to the public.

If you want to build a website in China, you need a license. This is called an ICP license. It can take a month to get.

Beijing Office Legal Practice

The Beijing office focuses on international legal services. They often help people who have business law or family law issues in multiple countries. An example might be a dispute between a Chinese company and a Canadian company. Laws in China are very different than laws in other countries. You need an expert lawyer who knows Chinese laws. Many companies want to expand into Asia Pacific. However, you need to make sure you are protected.

You can see the address of our lawyers below. When you book a consultation with our team, they will send you the details of where to go. Our team can speak both Mandarin and English. They can help foreign companies doing business in China. Also, they can help people in Beijing that need the most experienced lawyers.

Beijing Yintai Centre, No.2 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 

Customer Toll-Free: 


Law Firm In Beijing FAQ

Has the legal industry changed much recently?

Yes, as is true with most things in China, things move quick. Laws can change very fast in China.

Are there more lawyers in China these days?

Yes, Beijing now has around 20,000 lawyers. 40% of China’s lawyers live in Beijing. This is because that’s where the Chinese government is headquartered (in the capital.) The lawyers need to be near the government.

Where are most of the foreign companies located in China?

Most companies that do foreign trade are located in Shanghai. Also, a lot of foreign companies set up their HQ in Beijing.

Can a Canadian lawyer in Beijing give legal advice?

Yes, but only about Canadian law. They cannot offer legal advice about Beijing law.

Is it helpful to work with a lawyer in China and Canada for divorce?

Yes, you need to hire a lawyer that can deal with the legal issue where it exists. If you have a house in Toronto and Beijing, you will likely need a lawyer in each country.

How does ClearWay Law work?

When you contact us, we will pass on your information to our lawyers in Beijing. Let us know how you want them to contact you. They can call you, email, or Wechat you.