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Gagan Sekhon | Best Mississauga Lawyers

Gagan Sekhon – Mississauga lawyer Gagan Sekhon is a family lawyer in Mississauga, Toronto. Mr. Sekhon earned his BA degree from McMaster University. He then went to law school at the University of Manchester in England. If you would like Gagan Sekhon to represent you, please reach out to us toll-free at 844-466-6529. Our intake ...
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Justin Bowler- Toronto

Justin Bowler- Toronto *Justin Bowler no longer works at ClearWay Law — Justin Bowler has joined ClearWay Law as a contractor. Once the board of directors agrees on a technology plan, Justin as the CTO will go to work on developing the project. Justin BowlerBackground I am a highly experienced technology leader, having worked in ...
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Is Marriage Changing?

Is Marriage Changing? With marriage changing people are learning about other options. Cohabitation describes men and women who enter in a live-in, sexual, long-term, loving relationship without being legally married. Half of the men and women born in the early 1950s mad cohabitation chose cohabitation as their first live-in relationship. Today, the majority of young ...
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What Is A Family Law Case Conference?

What Is A Family Law Case Conference? A lot of people in Toronto call our family law firm and ask what a family law case conference is. They mostly agree that negotiating with their spouse has failed and things are starting to get more serious. They did not contact any lawyers when they started the ...
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Splitting Up? Know Your Obligations Before Moving Out

Splitting Up? Know Your Obligations Before Moving Out Know Your Obligations Before Moving Out It’s important you know your obigations before moving out. If you decided to join the growing number of Canadians who have exited relationships through divorce or separation, there are important thing for you to know about your family and financial obligations ...
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Temporary Child Custody

Temporary Child Custody   Making decisions about your children can be hard during a divorce.The number of people living in Canada who are either separated or divorced is shocking. The emotional turmoil parties go through during the process of splitting up becomes amplified when the welfare of children must be taken into consideration. Unless parents ...
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Gifting Your Estate

Posted April 6, 2019
Gifting Your Estate Taxes. They are universally hated. And unavoidable. But did you know there is a way to reduce your taxes by gifting your estate to heirs while you are alive? When you die, your heirs pay probate fees on your estate. That includes real estate you own in Ontario or hold in someone ...
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Ontario Human Rights Commission

Posted April 5, 2019
Human Rights System | Prevent Discrimination Are you trying to learn more about the Ontario Human Rights Commission? Human rights are very important and that’s why the tribunal of Ontario exists. Many growing businesses stress about hiring but give off the attitude that “Immigrants need not apply.” If you are looking for employment lawyers, we ...
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Best Family Law Lawyer

Posted April 4, 2019
Best Family Law Lawyer Are you looking for the best family law lawyer in Toronto? No lawyer or law firm in Toronto can call themselves the best family law lawyer. But there are steps you can take to separate the bad, good, and best Toronto family lawyers. If you are looking for a family lawyer, ...
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