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Alternative Billing Law Firm

Alternative Billing Law Firm Are you looking for a Alternative Billing Law Firm? ClearWay Law was created to innovate the legal industry. We saw that law firms are way behind other industries that have embraced innovation. Uber has recently changed the taxi industry. Airbnb has changed the hotel industry. ClearWay Law is building the infrastructure ...
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Am I Entitled to Spousal Support?

Are you entitled to spousal support? Are you looking to speak with a family lawyer about if you are entitled to spousal support? We will fill you in on the major factors that determine if you or your spouse should receive or pay spousal support. If you want to book a consultation with our Toronto ...
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Protecting Property In Common Law

Posted July 7, 2018
Family Law Firm Toronto Cohabitation agreement, pre-nup, marriage contract. You’ve heard the terms on tv and by people passing by. Why bother learning what they mean if you don’t plan on getting married? If you live with a boyfriend or girlfriend, protecting property in common law is important to speak to a family lawyer about. ...
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Family Law Protection Orders Ontario

Posted July 1, 2018
Are you looking for family law protection orders in Ontario? Sometimes the conflict between former spouses builds up and turns into verbal or physical confrontations. These situations typically result in either a non-harassment, no contact or limited contact order.  Usually the terms of such orders have fairly clear direction such as “do not come within ...
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Getting Out of a Co-Ownership Agreement

Do you have questions about a co-ownership agreement? The opportunity of co-ownership has appeal and benefits for many people. Qualifying for a mortgage may be difficult alone, but possible with co-ownership.  For some, marriage may have brought two people into a co-ownership agreement for a property. For others, owning a vacation home may have been ...
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File Legal Separation Agreement Without a Lawyer

“Hey Siri, file my divorce.” If only it were that simple, right? When dealing with divorce or separation, the entire process may seem like a daunting experience. So it begs to ask the question, “Why can’t I just do it my self? Can I file for legal separation without a lawyer?” Technically, yes. But we ...
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Reducing Costs in Family Law

Family law can be expensive if both spouses cannot agree on terms. Reducing costs in family law is often a key concern. Even alternative methods to the court system, such as mediation or arbitration, can sometimes be expensive. One of the largest concerns that every client has is how to reduce their legal fees. Here are ...
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Buying Property After Separation

Most people believe that after a separation from their spouse, they can purchase a new house or car and it has nothing to do with their spouse. Generally, our family lawyers suggest that you finalize your divorce before you purchase new assets. Your ex spouse might bring a claim against your new assets and it ...
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Spousal Support After Remarriage: Till Death Do You Pay?

Have questions about Spousal Support After Remarriage? Marriage is the union of two individuals in a personal relationship that putatively lasts until death, however, in practice it is increasingly brought to an end by divorce. Seeing that the law deems spousal relationships as financial partnerships, when divorce occurs, the individual with greater income or assets ...
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