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Business Lawyer New Westminster
Are you looking for a business lawyer in New Westminster to represent you in court? Are you planning to sue someone? Or did you just receive a notice of claim? You need to speak to a business law lawyer in New Westminster ASAP.
We have broken down the content below for two different lawsuits options:
1. If you are being sued (responding to a notice of claim.)
2. If you are planning to sue someone (filing a notice of claim.)
Call us below or fill out the booking form. Once we have your information, we will get one of our New Westminister business lawyers to contact you by phone for a free 30-minute consultation.
Business lawyers can also help you avoid litigation. They can put together paperwork that makes everything clear for all the parties. Lawyers can help you with your risk management by doing things properly. If you are starting a business, contact us. If you are creating or reviewing paperwork, book a free consultation with a lawyer.

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If you are Being Sued In Vancouver

Did you receive a lawsuit alleging something against you? How you need to react will depend on if you are being sued in provincial court (under $35,000) or over $35,000 (will be in Supreme Court.) If the matter is less than $5000, it will likely be dealt with by the Civil Resolution Tribunal. This is an online tribunal. Most people don’t hire a business lawyer if they have a small case.

Most often, they hire a lawyer for cases over $10,000. Keep in mind that if you don’t take things seriously, the other side might win by default. If the other side spends $6000 on a business lawyer and they win, you might have to pay their legal costs.

Wanting To Sue Someone

If You Are Wanting To Sue Someone

The notice of claim is one of the most important documents in the lawsuit. Further, it is the first thing that gets filed in the Supreme Court. It is important you get the document professionally done by an experienced business lawyer.

When someone files a lawsuit, the other side normally has between 21 days to 49 days to respond.

The lawyers do not do class action lawsuits.

What Business Law Services Are Offered?

  • Chamber applications
  • Business law trials
  • Filing the notice of claim
  • Responding to the notice of claim
  • Appeals
  • Setting up a joint venture
  • Business law legal services

Business Lawyer New Westminster FAQs

What should I ask my lawyer about lawsuits?

It is normally best to simply send information to the lawyer or law firm about your case. Don’t make it too long or too short. Just explain the legal issues and what you want to happen.

What questions should I ask a business lawyer in New Westminster?

You should ask about the costs. Further, you should ask about the pros and cons of your situation.

How much does a lawsuit cost in BC?

You will need to ask the lawyer this during the consultation. Also, each case is completely different. For example, shareholder agreements are a lot less expensive than lawsuits.

Business Lawyer New Westminster

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