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Online Legal Services Are you looking for a good Canada online legal services website? We created an online marketplace for legal services because we saw that clients were enjoying working with lawyers online in countries like the USA and the United Kingdom. Further, there are massive companies there that serve hundreds of thousands of people per year. These are companies such as Legal Zoom and Rocket Lawyer.

If you are looking for a lawyer in Canada, you can fill out the form on the side of this page. We have lawyers all across Canada. You can also book a time to speak to a lawyer below. Our lawyers can offer you a free legal consultation over the phone. They can help people going through a divorce to small business owners. There are many services offered.

Sadly, most of these companies have no presence in Canada. The only legal services offered online in Canada are online templates sold by companies such as Law Depot. But there is no representation or legal advice. Further, downloading a template is not a substitute for speaking to a lawyer.

Legal Forms Online

Legal Forms Online

Templates Are Not Great For Law. Many companies that sell templates receive terrible reviews as someone spends a few hundred dollars, and then finds out they downloaded the wrong template. Will they receive a refund? No chance. Therefore, it is 100% the responsibility of the customer to know what they need to download.

These are forms that have a bit of legal in it, and then people try to do it themselves. They are often trying to avoid the expense that comes with lawyers. Legal Zoom did $156 million in revenue in one year, so they are doing very well. There is a massive market for people that want to avoid sitting in a lawyer’s office.

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Divorce Is Intense. But most of the people that hire these companies only have very small cases. They are often for legal issues like wills and incorporation documents. But when you are going through a divorce or are trying to immigrate to a new country, it’s worth paying a lawyer to do it properly.

You don’t want to mess up and have your application denied. Losing access to your children can be devastating if you made an honest mistake with paperwork. Courts are not friendly places, and the staff does not provide legal advice. Legal aid funding is only for low-income people, and it has recently had it’s funding gutted.

Law firms and the law societies have seen the legal market fall apart over the last decade. There has been a massive increase in self-represented individuals. These are people who are tired of the poor service they have received by lawyers. People find that some lawyers are confusing and time-consuming. It is time for something new.

Online Legal Services

That is why we created Clearway Law. In our opinion, 20% of lawyers are great, 40% is okay, and 40% are terrible. Our rating system and organization system will help you find the top 20% of lawyers that provide excellent service. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be expensive, confusing, and time-consuming.


Clearway Law’s services will be simple and fast. Don’t get stuck with a lawyer that takes two weeks to get back to you. Go with something new and modern that forces lawyers to provide excellent customer services.

If lawyers do a bad job or take advantage of clients, they get a poor rating and law society complaints. This shows up on the lawyer’s profile, and clients stop hiring them. Hopefully, this lawyer will end up not being a lawyer anymore.

Canada Deserves Better Legal Help. There are some law firms that are starting to offer legal services online in Canada, but they are mostly immigration law firms. But nothing offered in Canada is anywhere near as sophisticated as what consumers have available to them in the USA. Therefore, we wanted to create something special.

Clearway Law wants to bring legal innovation to Canada. Innovation in the legal space has to be embraced by lawyers, not just technology companies. Lawyers will not change until they are forced to change. Our company is here to force that change.

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Clearway Law is a Canada online legal services company that connects lawyers with clients. Clearway Law does not take a percentage of the fees, and lawyers never increase their rates in order to pay Clearway Law. Further, you pay the same fees than if you would have reached out to the lawyer directly. The benefit, of course, is a database of legal information and an easy to follow the way of picking the right lawyer for you.

Instead of spending many hours going around the internet reading pointless blogs, you have access to regulated client reviews. You can also see if the lawyer has got in trouble in the past. You have a way to easily find the right lawyer for your unique situation.

Google Reviews. Google Reviews are easily manipulated, and it has become a real problem in the legal industry. People create fake Gmail accounts to either leave positive reviews for themselves or negative reviews for other law firms. Also, we are designing a rating system that forces people to verify their true identity to Clearway Law only. That way you can trust the reviews that you read.

Book a time to speak to a Canadian lawyer below. We have lawyers for most legal service areas.

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Find A Lawyer

There is also the risk of people who are not lawyers pretending to be. You also need to make sure you don’t hire a lawyer that advertises for areas of law for which they have no experience. Further, Clearway Law will do their best to make sure none of these people end up on our website. We will work with law societies to report any dishonesty by those in the legal community.

Clearway Law Services generates revenue by helping lawyers get clients, advertising, and build client-friendly websites. Further, we offer other services that help lawyers solve the access to justice problem.

We also allow lawyers to delete advertising from their profiles, including advertisements by lawyers at other law firms.

In conclusion, the lawyers help clients via telephone service, teleconferencing, and email.