Family Law Protection Orders Ontario

Posted July 1, 2018
Are you looking for family law protection orders in Ontario? Sometimes the conflict between former spouses builds up and turns into verbal or physical confrontations. These situations typically result in either a non-harassment, no contact or limited contact order.  Usually the terms of such orders have fairly clear direction such as “do not come within ...
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Getting Sole Custody In Ontario

Posted May 22, 2018
Do you have questions about getting sole custody in Ontario? You’ve got your sole custody agreement or court order and feel like you can finally relax? You can stop fighting with your ex about custody issues of your children. Right? Then why are you getting letters from your ex’s lawyer? Why do the letters state ...
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Step Parent Right to Access

Posted May 2, 2018
When multiple relationships result in multiple parents and step parents, the lines of who has the right to access of the children can become difficult to define. The wishes of the biological parents and those of the step parents will often differ and arguments are likely to occur concerning the proper access schedule for each ...
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Preparing for Family Law Court in Ontario

Going to family law court in Ontario to deal with your family law matter can be extremely stressful. You should be preparing for court, especially if you are unclear as to what you have to do. Judges, court clerks, and security checks can make attending family court a nightmare. At the very least it might ...
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Grandparent Rights to Access

Are you curious about grandparent rights to access children? In family law proceedings grandparent rights to access are often ignored throughout the custody and access discussions. Parties typically have their hands full trying to figure out what their share of the children’s time will look like and grandparents can be left out of the equation ...
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Legal Fees Tax Deduction

The cost of going to court can get expensive. When legal fees begin to increase, spouses start to look for ways to recapture their money spent. One question that clients have is whether they can claim their fees on their tax returns. The answer is yes, some legal fees can be deducted from your total ...
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Ontario Family Law Act for Best Interests of Child

Will a Child be Called into Family Court? When it comes to custody and access disputes, the test for determining the appropriate parenting arrangement is always what is in the “best interests” of the child. To determine the best interests of the child, the courts and legislation have formulated a test containing factors a court ...
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