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How Can You Receive A Section 211 Report?

Receive A Section 211 Report A Section 211 report is also called custody and access reports. They are documents with respect to your children. They are created by a specialist such as a psychologist or other evaluator. Section 211 of the BC Family Law Act authorizes these studies. This is why they are called section ...
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Parental Dispute Over Vaccination | British Columbia

Posted March 4, 2020
Parental Dispute Over A Child’s Vaccination There has been much dispute over children’s vaccination in the news recently. In family law, a judge can delegate decision-making authority between the parents. This gives one parent sole decision-making power in one area involving the child. For example, this might be for something such as education. At the ...
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Best Lawyers In New Westminster BC

Best Lawyers In New Westminster Are you looking for the best lawyers in New Westminster BC? One of the lawyers on our platform (Deborah Labun) is available to help. She is located at 320 Columbia Street, Unit 2 New Westminster, BC V3L 1A6 New Westminster is an important location for family law in Vancouver. Vancouver ...
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BC Court Applications | Civil Court

What Is An Application To Court In BC? Hello, I’m Alistair Vigier, the CEO of ClearWay Law. BC court applications can be confusing. Therefore, we put together this article to provide information about applications in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. This article does not cover the provincial court and is not a substitute for ...
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What’s A Requisition Order? | BC Courts

Requisition Order BC Courts- Supreme Court Are you confused about the requisition order in BC courts? The purpose of a requisition is to ask the court or judge to allow you to do something. In most cases, in order to make your request, you don’t have to appear before a judge or master. The form ...
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BC Supreme Court | Civil Proceedings

BC Supreme Court | Court Of British Columbia BC Supreme Court can be a stressful place to be when self-represented. Even for most lawyers, they don’t enjoy doing litigation as they find it too confusing and stressful. The deadlines in the supreme court are very strict, and there can be a massive amount of forms ...
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Adoption Lawyer | BC and Ontario

Adoption Lawyer In BC Are you looking for a BC adoption lawyer to help you with all the paperwork? Adopting a child can be a stressful and long process, but it doesn’t have to be. You are in luck; there is an adoption lawyer (Paul Henry) who works with clients in BC. There are very ...
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What Is Considered Common Law In Canada?

Common-Law In Canada Are you considered common-law In Canada? Many people contact our lawyer referral service as they wonder if they are considered common law. The Family Law Act was created in 2013. Fast forward many years later and people still seem to have a lot of doubts and misconceptions regarding common law. Especially when ...
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Burnaby Family Lawyer | Best Divorce Lawyers

Burnaby Family Lawyer | Child Custody Are you looking for the best Burnaby family lawyer? Clearway Law connects clients with top lawyers in Burnaby BC. We have top lawyers that service the entire province of British Columbia, regardless of where you are located. If you want to book an initial consultation, you can do so ...
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