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Small Business Lawyer Toronto

Posted May 22, 2019
Do you need a small business lawyer to open a business in Toronto? Our law firm has several business lawyers that can you set up your company and protect it. Some of the things you should consider before starting a small business is: A shareholder agreement Your corporate set up Contract creation Contract review Corporate ...
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Common Lawsuits Your Business Should Know About

Posted May 18, 2019
Do you need help with Toronto business law? Running a business as an entrepreneur can be complicated, so it’s important to have the right team. An important part of business is learning from other’s mistakes. That’s why we put together Common Lawsuits Your Business Should Know About. In this list you can see a list ...
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Ways To End A Contract

Posted May 2, 2019
There are a number of ways to end a contract. Once a contract has been formed, the parties are expected to follow what they agreed to. This is called performance of the contract. If you want to end a contract, it is called discharge of contract. Neither party will have to fulfil their side of ...
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New Rules For Cryptocurrency To Protect Users

These proposals came when issues at QuadrigaCX, formerly Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, led to calls for regulatory oversight of the notorious industry. Quadriga was granted creditor protection last month. Recently, a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX claims about $250 million of customers’ holdings are stuck in an electronic vault because the company’s founder Gerry Cotten died ...
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