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Business Law

Cost To Register Trademark In China

Posted July 7, 2020

  Are you looking for the cost to register a trademark in China? ClearWay Law is a bridge between western countries and China. We can help people in the USA, Canada, Australia, and England do business in China. We have top lawyers located in China that can help with business law. Doing business in China ...

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Offers To Settle In Civil Proceedings Order

Posted July 1, 2020
Settlements get harder the longer the lawsuit goes on for. Once one party has spent $100,000 on legal fees, they will want to add that amount to the settlement amount. That makes it harder for the other side to agree to pay the costs. You should make an offer to settle as soon as the ...
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What Is A Forum Selection Clause?

Posted June 22, 2020

Dispute Arising From Contract Request a call back Your information is protected. We will use the information in accordance with our Privacy Policy to contact you in relation to your inquiry Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.Full Name *Email *Phone Number *City and Province *Tell us more about your matter *EmailCall ...

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What Is A Procedural Order And Substantive Issues?

Posted June 20, 2020

This article was created to explain what a procedural order is, and what substantive issues are. These sorts of topics often come up during a tribunal or arbitration. We have created fake litigation between ABC Franchising and Friendly Coffee below. We have shown examples of procedural orders and substantive issues that could come up during ...

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What Is The Factual Matrix?

Posted June 17, 2020
The factual matrix is an argument that a lawyer can make. It involves the interpretation of a contract. The factual matrix simply means looking at all the circumstances that take place. If a contract is not clear, a judge will have to decide what it is meant to mean. Because Canada is a “common law” ...
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What On Earth Is Contra Proferentem?

Posted June 15, 2020
You might have looked at a contract and seen the term “contra proferentem.” Terms like this are the reason that the legal industry is so complicated. It makes it harder for people to understand and creates jobs for lawyers. Sadly because of people always fighting, the law had to develop to cover as many possibilities ...
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Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

Posted June 10, 2020
Trust And Confidence   Did are you concerned about a breach of fiduciary duty? You may have heard the term fiduciary duty before. For example, a lawyer has a fiduciary duty to their client. It is the legal obligation to take care of someone or something. These are important duties. The law says that people ...
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