Child Support

Best Child Support Attorney

Are you looking for the best child support attorney? According to law society rules, no lawyer can call themselves the best. Some lawyers point to awards they have received, like the Best Choice Award. But many of these awards are purchased by lawyers, which we feel is dishonest and misleading. Instead, we have put together ...
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Managing Divorce and Children During the Holidays

Are you managing divorce and children during the holidays? Most newly separated or divorced couples wait until just before Christmas to decide who the child should spend the holiday with. Things can get busy in December with people taking holidays and time off work. It is best to pre-plan to avoid any last minute stress. ...
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Understanding Parenting Coordination

Anyone who is thinking about going through a separation or a divorce will have questions about understanding parenting coordination. The first step is to have an established parenting order in a separation agreement or a divorce. You should then be able to co-parent with your former spouse without having any issues. Call our family law ...
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Reducing Costs in Family Law

Family law can be expensive if both spouses cannot agree on terms. Reducing costs in family law is often a key concern. Even alternative methods to the court system, such as mediation or arbitration, can sometimes be expensive. One of the largest concerns that every client has is how to reduce their legal fees. Here are ...
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Can you travel with kids after a separation?

So you may be asking, “can you travel with kids after a separation??” There can be no right or wrong answer to the question. But why not? Why wouldn’t you? Love to travel? The answer is yes. If you love creating fun and enjoyable memories, then yes again. If you love your kids, then you ...
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Children Activities with your Ex

Posted June 1, 2018
Children Activities with your Ex When dealing with your children’s schedules and your separation, it’s always best to try to minimize the disruption. Children Activities with your Ex is something you need to think about. If the children continue with their daily routines there will likely be less stress on them. The transition to a full ...
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Family Responsibility Office

Posted May 22, 2018
Do you have a Ontario family law case that deals with support? You should discuss with a family lawyer how and when to contact and utilize the services provided by the Family Responsibility Office (F.R.O.).  F.R.O. is the best way for a person to enforce their court orders and domestic agreements to make sure that ...
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Paternity Test During Divorce

Posted May 19, 2018
Looking for a paternity test during divorce? A common topic of new clients is whether or not they should even be involved in the family law proceedings their ex has served them with. Often the subject matter is the custody, access and support of a new born or young child. While some clients are critical ...
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