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Child Support ( Page 2 )

Ending Child Support In Ontario | Family Lawyers

Posted April 2, 2018
Ending Child Support In Ontario Ending child support is something you need to speak to a lawyer about. Your child has just turned 18, has graduated high school and you couldn’t be more proud. It has been a tough road dealing with your ex. However, you’ve come to terms with your separation and are at ...
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Legal Fees Tax Deduction

Posted March 1, 2018
Legal Fees Tax Deduction The cost of going to court can get expensive. When legal fees begin to increase, spouses start to look for ways to recapture their money spent. One question that clients have is whether they can claim their fees on their tax returns. The answer is yes, some legal fees can be ...
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Is Child Support Considered Income?

In most cases, when determining income for child support in accordance with the Federal Child Support Guidelines, an applicant simply needs to take the income from their spouse’s most recent income tax return, look at the Child Support Table for their province, and find the correlating amount of child support for that income based on the ...

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