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Beijing Law Firm

Posted June 28, 2020

Are you looking for a Beijing law firm? We have a team of lawyers in Beijing that can help you with your legal needs. The lawyers can help people in Beijing with a bunch of different legal issues. The most common are family law and business law. The Beijing law firm also helps with local ...

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What is my wife entitled to after separation?

Posted June 13, 2020
Are you wondering what your wife is entitled to after you separate? This is part of our short answer series. We are covering common questions that people ask when speaking to a family lawyer during a free consultation. A lot of people call us asking what is going to happen during a separation. There are ...
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Contesting A Will In Beijing

Posted June 7, 2020
Distributing The Beijing Estate Are you looking at contesting a will in Beijing, China? There has been little written about how to deal with Chinese law when you live overseas. We have lawyers that can help you with contesting a will in China and China. Let’s say someone has property in Beijing and Vancouver, and ...
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How To Leave An Inheritance In China

Posted June 2, 2020
China Inheritance Law Are you curious about inheritance in China? We have put together this article for Chinese people that need help with managing their assets for when they die. It’s not a topic that people enjoy. However, it’s important to do proper planning. Many people in China do not want their child’s spouse to ...
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