Common Law

Turning a gender lens on corporate games

Could tournament rules be thwarting female lawyers’ efforts to get ahead? U.S. law professors Naomi Cahn, June Carbone and Nancy Levit recently put a gender lens on what goes on behind office doors. The corporate “tournament,” as they call it, “valorizes intense competition” or sharp-elbows syndrome. Angst is up as a result, productivity is down ...
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Understanding Common-Law Relationships in BC

The status granted to couples living together outside of a traditional marriage differs from one province to another. British Columbia couples living together share the share the same rights and privileges enjoyed by married couples provided they have cohabited for at least two years. The differences in the laws of the different provinces can be ...
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How Long To Common Law In Ontario

Our family lawyers often get asked how long it takes to be considered Common Law In Ontario. Most people hear that it is either two or three years of living together before they have the same legal status as a married couple. Most people think that if they have a child while living together, they ...
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Ontario Common Law Relationships

Do you want to learn about Ontario Common Law and how it affects you? More and more couples today are opting out of marriage. The social stigma’s around unmarried couples living together is almost nonexistent. Many people want to stay away from the traditional values of marriage. So what does that mean when common law ...
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Common Law Relationships in Ontario

Posted May 1, 2018
Are you looking into common law relationships legal advice? Unlike married spouses, spouses in a common law relationship do not have any statutory property rights. What this means is that common law spouses do not have an automatic right to division of property outlined in legislation. When common law spouses separate, their property rights will ...
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Can You Have Two Spouses At The Same Time?

Is it possible to have two spouses at the same time? We’re not talking about issues related to bigamy or polygamy. Did you know, that under Canadian law, it is possible to have two spouses at the same time? This article outlines how some individuals find themselves with two spouses. It also covers the troubles ...
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