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Hague Convention | Family Law

What Is The Hague Convention? The Hague Convention protects children from improper adoption and being kidnapped by one of their parents. It normally is used to return a child to a country from where they were taken. The agreement was concluded in Holland in 1993. The convention sets international standards for international adoption practices and ...
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Child Protection Agreements | Ontario

Child Protection Agreements in Ontario Are you looking at child protection agreements in Ontario? Read on to discover the 5 most popular agreements to create for your child’s protection in Ontario. In Ontario, the Ministry of Children and Family Development (‘MCFD’) is accountable for child welfare. They also provide the leadership policy objectives of the ...
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Different Types Of Child Custody

Custody Of The Child Are you looking for the types of child custody? The term "child custody" is used to describe parental rights and childcare responsibilities. You've probably heard the different types of custody thrown around. However, do you really know the difference between legal custody and sole physical custody? Which type of child custody ...

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Getting Arrested Can Affect Child Custody

Getting Arrested Can Affect Child Custody Getting arrested can affect child custody. It’s unfortunate that, sometimes, the family disputes trigger into criminal charge (s). This happens when one of the spouse contacts police to report domestic violence. Police charges such violent spouse with the criminal offence such as assault. It also might be aggravated assault, ...
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