Division of Property

A Primer On Getting A Divorce In Ontario

The ups and downs of married life can put a strain on a relationship. Couples needing time away from each other to work out their differences might decide to live separate and apart. There are few legal formalities to a separation other than the agreement of the parties to not live together. Separation is not ...
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Getting Out of a Co-Ownership Agreement

Do you have questions about a co-ownership agreement? The opportunity of co-ownership has appeal and benefits for many people. Qualifying for a mortgage may be difficult alone, but possible with co-ownership.  For some, marriage may have brought two people into a co-ownership agreement for a property. For others, owning a vacation home may have been ...
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Buying Property After Separation

Most people believe that after a separation from their spouse, they can purchase a new house or car and it has nothing to do with their spouse. Generally, our family lawyers suggest that you finalize your divorce before you purchase new assets. Your ex spouse might bring a claim against your new assets and it ...
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Dividing Wedding Gifts During Divorce

You are now getting a divorce. You have a lot on your mind and a long list of things to take care of. One of the items on your list is the wedding gifts. Dividing wedding gifts during divorce can be complex. What do people do with their wedding gifts? Do you keep them? Do ...
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Down Payment Made by Parents: Loan or Gift?

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently addressed whether a down payment made by a parent will be classified as a loan. They discussed if it would be excluded from the calculation of net family property. Or would it be considered a gift to be included as family property for equalization. In Barber v. Magee, ...
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Pension and Divorce

Posted May 12, 2018
In Ontario family law proceedings there are guidelines and rules that provide for special treatment of certain personal assets. When it comes to dividing your assets along with those of your ex-spouse, you need to plan. Make sure that you are not too quick with your decisions. Think about who is to get what items ...
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Inheritance and Divorce

Posted May 5, 2018
Do you have questions about inheritance and divorce? Losing a family member is never easy to deal with. Sometimes there is a silver lining in that you may receive some sort of inheritance as a gift from your loved one who has passed on. The last thing you want to deal with is then having ...
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Family Law Disclosure

Are you concerned about family law disclosure? In Ontario family law courts, it has become expected by judges that both parties to an action will provide any and all relevant financial and property disclosure to each other before bringing a motion or proceeding to a settlement conference. Yet a lot of people still want to ...
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