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Ex Spouse Not Following Divorce Agreement

Posted June 26, 2020

Judge Ordered Support Payments Is your spouse not following the divorce agreement? What’s the main trouble with divorce? It’s not the shattering of illusions, your heartbreaking, or the train coming to run over the divorcé. The main trouble with divorce is – your ex. If you could divorce without the ex constantly ruining things for ...

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Divorce Due To Social Media | Marital Problems

Romantic Partner | Facebook Accounts Are you planning to go through a divorce due to social media? Are you suspicious about the amount of time on Facebook your spouse spends? Social networking sites are great for connecting people. However, sometimes it might help your romantic partner find the wrong type of people. Do you have ...
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Coronavirus And Separation | Family Law

Posted April 9, 2020
COVID-19 Pandemic Mandatory Written Arbitration Coronavirus and separation do not go well together. It makes divorce even harder than before. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, it could take years to get a trial in BC or Ontario. If you were filing an application, you might have to sit in court for two days. This would be ...
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How Can I Search My Spouses Property?

What’s An Anton Piller Order?   With around 40% of marriages ending in divorce, Canadians need to be aware of their rights. Police are not the only ones who can get a search warrant to search your property. Anyone can apply for a search warrant!   Canadians love getting divorced. Quebec has the highest rate ...
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First Nation Divorce | Finding Top Family Lawyers

First Nation Divorce Are you looking for a First Nation divorce? Divorce can be complicated. But being a minority can make things even more complex. An example would be the First Nation’s using their status to influence family court disputes. A First Nations father who asked a family law court to vary a parenting schedule ...
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Hacking Your Spouse’s Phone

Hacking In Family Law We are starting to become aware of people hacking during divorces. Are you looking to hack your spouse’s phone? One spouse might be hiding some assets that you want to find. The spouse that wants to hack might hire a hacking team to break into the other spouse’s email, Facebook, or ...
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