A Primer On Getting A Divorce In Ontario

The ups and downs of married life can put a strain on a relationship. Couples needing time away from each other to work out their differences might decide to live separate and apart. There are few legal formalities to a separation other than the agreement of the parties to not live together. Separation is not ...
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Frequently Asked Questions About An Ontario Divorce

According to statistics compiled by the federal government, more than 14 million Canadians are married and living with their spouses, but almost 3 million people are either separated from their spouses or already divorced. Divorce is the process of terminating the marital relationship, but there are other issues, including child support and custody, parenting time, ...
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Divorce – How Budgeting Helps You Prepare

Even with the high rate of divorce in Canada, approximately 40 percent of first marriages end in divorce, few people are prepared for the emotional and financial impact. The sudden realization that your marriage is over and life as a couple is about to end can be emotionally devastating, but you also must deal with ...
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