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Codicil to a Will in Canada | ClearWay Law

Codicil a Will in Canada Are you looking to codicil a Will in Canada? Imagine you had a lawyer prepare your will for a few hundreds of dollars. Then after a couple of weeks, you realized you need to make revisions to the will. You wouldn’t want to redraft the entire document. The Wills Act ...
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Revocation of Power of Attorney Template

Revocation of Power of Attorney Template   Are you looking for revocation of power of attorney template? We have been working on Clearway Lite in order to make things easy for you. You will be able to download legal documents and do it yourself. You must be aware of the laws of your province or ...
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Can You Make Your Own Will?

Can You Make Your Own Will? Is it possible to make your own will? The quick answer is yes. Handwritten wills can be legal in Ontario. Even an unsent text message was honoured as a man’s final wishes in Australia. You could go one step further and buy a make-your-own-will kit. It all sounds so ...
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Why You Need Power of Attorney

Posted May 20, 2018
Why You Need Power of Attorney Are you wondering why you need power of attorney? Most people know that they should have a will in place. This is done to make sure that if you pass away that your loved ones will be taken care of. They will have some direction as to what you ...
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