Family Lawyer Jobs

Posted June 2, 2019
Interested in joining a law firm that allows you to work in a way that suits both you and your clients and to focus on the law rather than chasing work? ClearWay Law is a growing law firm designed to work as a “family” allowing lawyers to focus on providing excellent legal advice and customer ...
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Helen Herniman – Chief Financial Officer

Helen Herniman is an experienced CFO expert in driving improvements across financial, commercial and operational functions. She has joined ClearWay to help improve our financial systems, financial reporting to investors, and to help create data for the CEO. Prior to working at ClearWay Law, Helen spent five years in finance and operational roles at the ...
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Are All Lawyers Created Equal?

Before I got into the legal industry around four years ago, I didn’t know much about lawyers. I assumed they were all highly motivated, intelligent, expensive, and had all the answers. I assumed that lawyers were created equal. If they passed law school and the bar, they must be good, right? I have met some ...
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Alternative Billing Law Firm

Alternative Billing Law Firm Are you looking for a Alternative Billing Law Firm? ClearWay Law was created to innovate the legal industry. We saw that law firms are way behind other industries that have embraced innovation. Uber has recently changed the taxi industry. Airbnb has changed the hotel industry. ClearWay Law is building the infrastructure ...
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