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Innovation In The United Kingdom Legal Profession

Posted May 4, 2020
UK Legal Sector The United Kingdom legal profession is far more advanced than any other country. The UK was one of the first countries to allow law firm IPOs and non-lawyer ownership of law firms. The United Kingdom in 2007 launched alternative business structures (ABS) for law firms. The first company that used ABS in ...
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Future Of Lawyers | Opportunities and Challenges

Legal Profession | Traditional Legal What is the future of lawyers? These days as long as you have a good internet connection at home, you can be successful working remotely. There are many people around the world that cannot do that. For example, there are many jobs where remote working is impossible. All lawyers should ...
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Legal Innovation Zone

 Early Stage Legal Technology We are working hard to be successful in the legal innovation industry. We have gathered several of the lessons we’ve gained from operating and studying major successful companies. ClearWay Law has created a successful online platform company for legal services. As time goes on, I have learned more about internet performance ...
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Online Legal Services

Legal Consultation  Are you looking for a good Canada online legal services website? We created an online marketplace for legal services because we saw that clients were enjoying working with lawyers online in countries like the USA and the United Kingdom. Further, there are massive companies there that serve hundreds of thousands of people per ...
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Technology Companies Are Competing With Law Firms

Competing With Law Firms There are new kinds of companies competing with law firms. Many lawyers want to start their own business. The idea of being their own boss is very attractive. The idea of working for 10 years just to have the opportunity to invest money and “make partner at the firm” isn’t as attractive ...
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Legal Tech Investment

Tech Investments Investment In Legal Legal tech platforms are changing the legal industry. Confidence in hiring the right lawyer is the value generated by legal tech platforms. Much has recently been published about “legal tech platforms” and their implications on the legal field. Regarding the tech platforms, I’m making a reference to the online business ...
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Legal Technology Companies Are Not Law Firms

Legal Tech Is Changing Canada Legal technology companies are not law firms. Nor do they have lawyers on staff providing legal advice. For example, Almu is not a law firm. We connect people to lawyers in an easy to use way. Read on to discover the best way to tackle your simple legal issues. The ...
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Investment Opportunities British Columbia

Posted March 5, 2020
Business Opportunities Are you looking for investment opportunities in British Columbia? Our legal services marketplace helps lawyers find more work. We only want lawyers to do legal work, which is what lawyers are good at. Our company takes care of connecting the clients to the right lawyer. In March 2020 we starting moving from being ...
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The Client Centered Law Firm | Book Review

Client-Centered Law Firm I just read The Client Centered Law Firm by Jack Newton. I met Jack at the Clio Conference back in 2019 and I was impressed by his vision. He allowed me to interview him, and you can see the story here:  The Massive Capital Raise Made Me Stay In Vancouver ClearWay Law ...
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Solve The Access To Justice Problem | Lawyers

It’s time to solve the access to justice problem   It’s now time to stop talking about it and solve the access to justice problem. In some divorce courts in Canada, 70% of people are self-represented.  This is terrible because it means that people are preferring to take care of their serious legal issues instead of hiring a lawyer. It’s like if people were doing surgery on themselves instead of ...
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