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Chinese Investment Network Canada

Posted June 19, 2020
Are you a Chinese person looking at investment opportunities in Canada? Or are you the leader of a Chinese investment network ? We encourage you to try something more innovative and creative. Don’t assume that you have to open a hot pot restaurant or just buy condos. We feel Chinese people often go after the ...
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Why Won’t Lawyers Communicate with Clients?

Why Won’t Lawyers Communicate with Clients? Lawyers communicate with clients very poorly most of the time. At our law firm, we are trying to change that by using technology. As the CEO of a Toronto law firm I have been in the legal industry for almost five years. I have learned a lot about what ...
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Growing A Law Firm

Growing A Law Firm | Expanding Your Law Practice Are you growing a law firm? Each CEO might have their own answer. Ours was raising capital and moving online. I met with over 100 lawyers last year to discuss referrals and business expansion opportunities. I’ve found most want to go it alone and start their ...
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