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Best Date To Get Married Numerology

Posted June 23, 2020

Are you planning on the best date to get married? If you are getting married in Alberta, British Columbia, or Ontario, speak to one of our lawyers. They can help you with a marriage agreement. 50% of people get divorced. Marriage agreements, or prenups, are not very expensive. If you spend $1500 on an agreement ...

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Does COVID-19 Hurt Your Marriage Or Make It Stronger?

Marriage Licences | Coronavirus Pandemic Can COVID-19 hurt your marriage? Or is it possible that it might improve during the Coronavirus pandemic? Being in quarantine or self-isolation makes you discover who your spouse truly is. Your partner might have had excuses for not playing with their kids because of work. They may have said they ...
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How To Talk About Prenuptial Agreements

How To Talk About Prenuptial Agreements Most people would agree that having a prenuptial agreement (marriage agreement) is a good idea. Yet most people don’t know how to talk about prenuptial agreements. The idea of speaking about divorce while you are planning a wedding seems like a bad idea. I often tell our clients that ...
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How To Annul A Marriage In Ontario

Posted July 24, 2019
Annulment Of Marriages Want to know how to annul a marriage in Ontario? You thought you had started a new life. Imagine your surprise when you discover you are married to two women at once. An Ontario man who married in 2017, then applied to sponsor his wife to Canada encountered just that dilemma. To ...
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Same-Sex Couples Getting Married 

Posted July 6, 2019
Same-Sex Couples Getting Married  Same-sex couples getting married is becoming more common. I had the pleasure of attending a same-sex wedding of one of my best friends last weekend between Dustin Miller and Dragisa Cekerevac. My friend Dustin moved here from Calgary and fell in love with Victoria. His now husband came here on a ...
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Thinking of Reconciling With Your Ex?

Posted May 21, 2019
Thinking of Reconciling With Your Ex? Reconciling with your ex is a big decision to make. Simply because you and your spouse decided to go your separate ways through a divorce or separation does not mean the two of you cannot reconcile and try to put your marriage back together. Before you decide to give ...
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Is Marriage Changing?

Is Marriage Changing? With marriage changing people are learning about other options. Cohabitation describes men and women who enter in a live-in, sexual, long-term, loving relationship without being legally married. Half of the men and women born in the early 1950s mad cohabitation chose cohabitation as their first live-in relationship. Today, the majority of young ...
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What Is A Marriage Agreement?

Marriage Agreement Before Marriage What is a marriage agreement? Why might I need one? This is a question our family lawyers get asked very often. Most people know that they should get a marriage agreement. Some people choose not to because they have a hard time speaking about it with their spouse. If you plan ...

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