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Website Policy For Lawyers

Website Policy For Lawyers March 2020 update: The information below is archived as we are no longer a law firm. We have switched to an online marketplace for legal services. We now simply provide lawyer referrals. Below is our website policy for lawyers. ClearWay Law’s mission since the start has been to improve the legal ...
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How To Get In Trouble As A Lawyer

How To Get In Trouble As A Lawyer Below is a great way to get in trouble as a lawyer. I’ve noticed a negative trend in the legal industry. Many lawyers are terrified of the law society, and they want to protect themselves at the expense of their clients. Knowing the law society as I ...
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Old School Lawyers Are in Trouble

Old School Lawyers Are in Trouble Old school lawyers won’t be around for long. Law firms are one of the least popular industries. Law firms rank along side airlines and credit card companies for net promoter scores. NPS is a measure of client satisfaction once the services or products have been delivered. Lawyers sometimes focus ...
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Lawyers Working From Home

Law Firm Remote Work Policy March 2020 update: With the Corona Virus going around, lawyers have now been forced to work from home. The article below I wrote back in October 2019 has been getting a lot of attention. I have worked from home for eight years, and I hope you enjoy the tips below. ...
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Lawyers Shouldn’t Have Time For Coffee Meetings

Lawyers Shouldn’t Have Time For Coffee Meetings Lawyers shouldn’t have time for non-sense. Being sent the words “let’s grab coffee” and “let jump on a call” five times a day is one of the many struggles of being a law firm CEO. Search engine companies, career coaches, law students, web design firms and articling students ...
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Recruiting Millennial Lawyers

Posted June 23, 2019
Recruiting Millennial Lawyers When I meet with law firm managers in Canada one of their most pressing concerns is how to replace retiring baby boomer lawyers with millennial lawyers. Almost a third of Canadians, 27.9% of 35.1 million, were between 22 and 37 during the 2016 Census. RBC Economics reported in October 2016 that millennials ...
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