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Staying Healthy During a Divorce

Staying Healthy During a Divorce Staying healthy during a divorce is important. As the CEO of a Toronto law firm, I work 12 hours days six days a week, and afternoons on Sundays. Three of the things I am constantly protecting is my time, energy, and health. Like those going through a divorce, I need ...
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Key Points from Inc Magazine Event

Key Points from Inc Magazine Event I went to a Inc Magazine event in Texas. After applying for the Inc Magazine 30 under 30 award, I was sent an invite to attend the Inc Founder House. I was told the event was to celebrate Inc Magazine turning 40 years old. Also, at some point 40 ...
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Reisman Awards

Reisman Awards- Our Submission ClearWay Law is changing the legal industry by creating a virtual law firm where clients leave satisfied, receive quality service, at a price they can afford. Internally, we work to have our staff and lawyers organize their work to fit their lifestyle. If they want to work from home in their ...
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Life During The Holidays When Divorced

Take Time for The Holidays When Divorced Life during the holidays can be a challenge. This holiday season, leave whatever is left at the office.  It is more important than ever to create time for you and your loved ones. Home life during the holidays is important. One needs to be present; to make memories; ...
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Law Firms Need to Change

Law Firms Need to Change *This article was written by Alistair Vigier and does not reflect the views of ClearWay Law Law Firms Need To Change In some Ontario courts, 70% of people are representing themselves. I never understood why people would do something so crazy, until I became a plaintiff in a civil matter ...
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ClearWay Law in CBC- Remote Workers

ClearWay Law in CBC- Remote Workers CBC- Remote Workers. Five months ago, Alistair Vigier launched his all-virtual law firm, with a staff of eight who telecommute from a variety of locations across the country. While Vigier is based in Victoria, ClearWay Law’s lawyers are distributed around the Greater Toronto Area, and its admin and other ...
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Growing A Law Firm

Growing A Law Firm Do you want to learn how to grow your law firm? Each CEO might have their own answer. Ours was raising capital and moving online. I met with over 100 lawyers last year to discuss referrals and business expansion opportunities. I’ve found most want to go it alone and start their ...
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Innovative Law Firm

Media Kit – Innovative Law Firm My name is Alistair Vigier and I am changing the legal industry. I am working on an innovative law firm. I decided to start ClearWay Law when I realized many clients were unhappy with the services they were receiving from other law firms. I also saw that many family ...
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