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How To Do A Subpoena In Ontario?

Posted June 18, 2020

  A subpoena is a legal order to deliver evidence. The common type is for a witness to testify. Other times it's for someone to provide documents. Subpoenas can come from a judge or a lawyer. Subpoenas will often go to a third party. A lawyer might send a subpoena to the third party. It ...

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Ottawa Divorce Lawyer

Posted June 11, 2020
Are you looking for an Ottawa divorce lawyer? You have come to the right place. Read this story that our divorce lawyer in Ottawa wrote. It will teach you more about separation and divorce.   A divorce lawyer can help with a separation agreement, getting a court order, or marriage contractors. Divorce lawyers can also ...
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What Is The Law Society Of Ontario?

Posted June 6, 2020
Ontario Lawyer Or Paralegal The Law Society of Ontario is the governing body of the legal profession in Ontario. If someone is a lawyer or paralegal who provides legal services in Ontario, they are regulated by the law society. They work to protect the public interest and also operate the law society referral service. They ...
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Ottawa Divorce Forum

Posted June 5, 2020
Client Relationship You need to get legal advice before making any big decisions. When looking for legal services for separation and divorce, make sure you look for family law lawyers. You don’t want to hire a lawyer that does real estate law most of the time. You don’t want them to make a mistake while ...
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COVID-19 Ontario Courts | Guide For Hiring A Lawyer

Posted May 18, 2020
Ontario Lawyers During The Coronavirus Outbreak We have noticed that there is a lot of confusion in the general public about COVID-19 and the Ontario courts. Many people seem to think the courts are closed. This is not true. We have put together this article to ensure the public knows they can still get justice. ...
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Orillia Ontario Top Lawyers

Posted April 6, 2020
Finding A Top Lawyer In Orillia Ontario Canada If you are looking for a top lawyer in Orillia Ontario, please reach out to us toll-free at 1-844-466-6529 You can also reach out via the live chat function, or by filling out any form. You can also book a consultation on the main webpage. If you ...
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Toronto Family Law Court

Toronto Family Law Are you planning to go to the Toronto family law court? Many people that are married or common-law these days need to understand family law. Everyone knows that half of the people that are married end up getting divorced. And that doesn’t take into account the common-law partners that split up. Having ...
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Experienced Family Lawyer In Toronto

Experienced Family Lawyer In Toronto Are you looking for an experienced family lawyer in Toronto? We have top lawyers who offer Chinese service and represent Chinese individuals that are high net worth and have a lot of property. Of course, we have top family lawyers that can represent any high net individuals, regardless of where ...
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Best Lawyers In Vaughan Ontario

Best Lawyers In Vaughan Are you looking for a Vaughan law firm? We have lawyers in Vaughan who have extended their list of legal services. The name of the law firm is Vector law. In addition to family law and business law, the lawyers now practice personal injury, litigation (not family), and employment law. It ...
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Child Custody Jurisdiction in Canada | Best Lawyers

Child Custody Jurisdiction in Canada Child custody jurisdiction can lead to ugly custody battles. Things are already very complicated in family law. But, when one party lives outside Ontario, in another province or even another country, it’s even harder. Filing forms with courts in other countries can mean waiting years to hear back from those ...
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