Prenuptial Agreement

How To Talk About Prenuptial Agreements

How To Talk About Prenuptial Agreements Most people would agree that having a prenuptial agreement (marriage agreement) is a good idea. Yet most people don’t know how to talk about prenuptial agreements. The idea of speaking about divorce while you are planning a wedding seems like a bad idea. I often tell our clients that ...
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Only 30% Of Marriages Are Healthy

Only 30% Of Marriages Are Healthy Relationship experts say healthy marriages only account for 30%. Is your’s one? As Valentine’s Day approaches, you may be encouraged to know love can even prevent real-life heart problems. People in healthy marriages are at lower risk for heart or blood vessel problems, couples data from the 20-year U.S. ...
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Protecting Property In Common Law

Posted July 7, 2018
Family Law Firm Toronto Cohabitation agreement, pre-nup, marriage contract. You’ve heard the terms on tv and by people passing by. Why bother learning what they mean if you don’t plan on getting married? If you live with a boyfriend or girlfriend, protecting property in common law is important to speak to a family lawyer about. ...
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