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File Legal Separation Agreement Without a Lawyer

Posted June 28, 2018
File Legal Separation Agreement Without a Lawyer “Hey Siri, file my divorce.” If only it were that simple, right? When dealing with divorce or separation, the entire process may seem like a daunting experience. So it begs to ask the question, “Why can’t I just do it my self? Can I create a separation agreement ...
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Reducing Costs in Family Law

Posted June 27, 2018
Reducing Costs in Family Law Family law can be expensive if both spouses cannot agree on terms. Reducing costs in family law is often a key concern. Even alternative methods to the court system, such as mediation or arbitration, can sometimes be expensive. One of the largest concerns that every client has is how to ...
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Family Responsibility Office

Posted May 22, 2018
Family Responsibility Office Do you have a Ontario family law case that deals with support? You should discuss with a family lawyer how and when to contact and utilize the services provided by the Family Responsibility Office (F.R.O.).  F.R.O. is the best way for a person to enforce their court orders and domestic agreements to ...
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Preparing for Family Law Court in Ontario

Preparing for Family Law Court in Ontario Going to family law court in Ontario to deal with your family law matter can be extremely stressful. You should be preparing for court, especially if you are unclear as to what you have to do. Judges, court clerks, and security checks can make attending family court a ...
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Family Law Disclosure

Family Law Disclosure Are you concerned about family law disclosure? In Ontario family law courts, it has become expected by judges that both parties to an action will provide any and all relevant financial and property disclosure to each other before bringing a motion or proceeding to a settlement conference. Yet a lot of people ...
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Discussing Separation With The Children

Posted April 2, 2018
Discussing Separation With The Children Discussing separation can be very difficult. During the initial phases of a separation with children, it can be a hectic and confusing time for everyone. Children specifically can have a lot of difficulties coping with a change to the family dynamic. Changes in living arrangements and access time can be ...
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Daycare During Divorce

Daycare During Divorce Dealing with daycare during divorce can be complex. More and more parents are choosing to be returning to the workplace after their children are born. Without family to help care for younger children often couples use home daycare services. This is also often the case for couples who separate as both single ...
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When Should You Consult A Family Law Lawyer?

When Should You Consult A Family Law Lawyer? Do you need to consult a family law lawyer? Divorce is not a decision made overnight. Getting from the point of deciding to divorce, through a separation, and to the step of starting your court documentation often takes months or years.  So at what point throughout the ...
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Contest A Separation Agreement

Contest A Separation Agreement Are you looking to contest a separation agreement? Cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts and separation agreements are all domestic contracts. They signed by spouses to detail how support and assets will be dealt with upon separation. For the most part, once they are signed, they will settle all (or most) of the ...
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Changing the Locks During a Divorce

Changing the Locks During a Divorce You’ve spent years fixing up your property. You have watched your kids grow up. You have invested more money than you’d like to think about in the property. Changing the locks during a divorce is a big decision. Now that you are getting divorced you would hate to move ...
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