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Motion To Strike Meaning

Posted July 4, 2020
Motion To Strike During Lawsuits In Canada Also, a reason to strike the pleadings is if one side is holding up the litigation’s progress. Further, another reason is if the thing being sued for is not something the courts can help with. There are lists of things that a judge can make a ruling on. ...
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Understanding Restrictive Covenants In Ontario

Posted June 17, 2020

Are you looking for help with a restrictive covenants in Ontario? An employment contract can also include additional protections. For example, clauses such as restrictive covenants in favor of the employer include: (1) non-compete clauses; and (2) non-solicitation clauses. Executives and other high-level employees are often in possession of important knowledge. This is information about ...

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Beijing Divorce Lawyer

Posted June 11, 2020
Are you looking for a Beijing divorce lawyer? ClearWay Law is unique in that we connect people in Canada and China with lawyers for free consultations. Let’s say “Mr. Wong” lives in Vancouver BC. He has two condos in Beijing and a house in Vancouver. Suddenly he and his wife no longer want to be ...
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Law Society Of Alberta

Posted June 9, 2020
Rules Of The Law You might want to learn more about how the Law Society of Alberta can help you. The Law Society is the regulator of the legal profession in Alberta. They are located at 333 11 Ave SW Suite 700, Calgary, AB. The law society has an office in each province. It is ...
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Civil Litigation Lawyer Toronto

Posted May 16, 2020
Litigation Process Lawsuit Against Employers | Business Liability Insurance  What happens when your business is sued? Most of the time a business will receive a legal letter before it is sued. We are currently dealing with a claim against a technology company. The companies support team and technology team did not work well together. The ...
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Lisa Romano-Dwyer | Toronto Mediation

Posted April 7, 2020

Lisa Romano-Dwyer Biography Lisa Romano-Dwyer Ph.D., RSW is a Registered Social Worker & Psychotherapist with over twenty-six years of experience in the field. Her areas of expertise include Child & Family Therapy, Positive Parenting, and Wellness. Lisa’s career in Children’s Mental Health, Developmental Service Navigation & Support, Early Years, Learning Readiness, Safe Schools and Education ...

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Is Your Marriage Contract Valid?

Posted June 17, 2019
Is your marriage contract valid? Can you void a “prenuptial agreement”? An Ontario man found out when he challenged his agreement in Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The Canadian version of a prenuptial agreement is called a marriage or domestic contract. Marriage contracts can ease the worry of what will happen if your marriage fails. ...
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What to do if your spouse abducts your children

Posted June 1, 2019
What to do if your spouse abducts your children? A spouse abducts your children, what to do? Matrimonial disputes can get nasty. While abducting your children may seem like the only option at the time, a recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision shows what can happen. M., 5, and J., 7, were abruptly removed from ...
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