What to do if your spouse abducts your children

Posted June 1, 2019
A spouse abducts your children, what to do? Matrimonial disputes can get nasty. While abducting your children may seem like the only option at the time, a recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision shows what can happen. M., 5, and J., 7, were abruptly removed from their home in East Asia when their Canadian mother ...
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Lisa Baumal- Senior Family Lawyer

Lisa Baumal is a senior family lawyer in Toronto. She has a reputation of being harsh with clients and telling the truth. Some clients love honesty, some can’t handle it. Regardless, Lisa always wants their clients to know where they stand. Clients hire a lawyer to help them, and Ms. Baumal has over 25 years ...
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Aman Sekhon- Mississauga Lawyer

Aman Sekhon is happy to join ClearWay Law as a family and estate lawyer. Aman does wills and also represents clients in divorces. He also does some real estate and immigration work. She received his BA in Hamilton and then got his law degree in Texas. He started off his lawyer career with a large ...
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Justin Bowler- Toronto

Justin Bowler has joined ClearWay Law. Once the board of directors agrees on a technology plan, Justin as the CTO will go to work on developing the project. Background I am a highly experienced technology leader, having worked in several companies over almost 30 years. Having worked in various  sectors including social media, health care, ...
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Lisa Romano-Dwyer Working With ClearWay Law

Lisa Romano-Dwyer Biography: Lisa Romano-Dwyer PhD, RSW is a Registered Social Worker & Psychotherapist with over twenty-six years of experiences in the field. Her areas of expertise include Child & Family Therapy, Positive Parenting, and Wellness. Lisa’s career in Children’s Mental Health, Developmental Service Navigation & Support, Early Years, Learning Readiness, Safe Schools and Education ...
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Family Law Referrals

This article is directed at lawyers at other law firms, not for clients. Our law firm is looking for family law and estate litigation referrals. Our law firm was created to innovate the broken family law industry. We are happy to discuss how we are doing this. ClearWay Law is a law firm that is ...
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