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Children Aid Society Ontario

Children Aid Society Ontario

Children Aid Society Ontario

Have you received a visit from the Children Aid Society (CAS)? Have they taken your child away? Our family law firm receives many calls per week (normally at night) from people that are under investigation from CAS. We also receive calls from people that have had their child taken away by the Children Aid Society.

First of all, our law firm does not take on CAS cases so we created this page to help you.

Most of the time the government takes away someone’s child because of child abuse. Child protection services will always weigh on the side of caution.

Ministry Of Children

Indigenous societies might deal with child abuse in their own ways. Child welfare services also work hand in hand with the Ministry of Children.

Most of the callers ask for legal aid, which is something you need to apply to the government for. Law firms do not have the ability to hand out legal aid. If you apply to the government for legal aid and are denied, you will have to cover the costs.

The other issue is the amount of time it might take to receive legal aid. When someone get’s their child taken away by CAS, the normally want the child back ASAP. It might make more sense to cover the costs yourself. Most people can find $2000 for a lawyer deposit if it’s important to them.

If you have a legal aid certificate, please just email it to info (at) clearwaylaw . com … There is no need to book a 15-minute consultation. We have one lawyer that accepts legal aid, all our other lawyers do not. The family lawyer will review the certificate and decide if they want to take on your case.

Children Aid Society Ontario

We have lawyers in different parts of Ontario. You can see a list of our law firms on the bottom of the page. All meetings are appointments only, as lawyers sometimes work from home or are in court.

Children Aid Society Ontario

You can also reach us by the live chat button on the bottom right screen. If you don’t hear from someone, book a 15-minute consultation on our main page.

The CAS’s mandate is that every child has a right to live with their parents, unless it’s unsafe to do so. If someone has been charged with a crime (violent, child pornography… etc.) and the CAS’s lawyer thinks the child is unsafe, CAS will likely visit the house.

Children Aid Society is very powerful and has several family lawyers working for them. These lawyers do not represent you. Only 3% of CAS investigations result in the child being taken away from the parents. 85% of the 3% of children that are removed from the homes return to the home within three years. As a result, the problem for most parents is that it may take three years for the child to return home. Hiring a family lawyer can reduce the amount of time it takes to get your child back.

Neglect is a major reason a child is taken away. Forgetting your child somewhere or having an unsafe home with attract CAS. Mental health, not having enough money to take care of your child, and substance issues are also issues.

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CAS was involved with 43,000 families last year in Ontario. These were because the children’s emotional and physical needs were not met, according to Children Aid Society Ontario. It is not required that the child have extreme abuse, as portrayed in the media.

Parenting is already difficult, and some families just need help. Research shows that children that neglected are at a major disadvantage later in life.

Vulnerable Children

First Nation and African children are more likely to be taken by CAS, according to their website.

They work with mental health and substance non-profits to provide help to parents.

Family Duty Counsel

Family duty counsel provide free family law advice to those that cannot afford a lawyer. You must qualify for free advice. Keep in mind lying about your finances to get free advice may be a criminal offence (fraud).

Duty Counsel can do some of the following:

  • Go to a family case conference
  • Go to judicial case conference
  • Ask for an adjournment
  • Get a protection order
  • Ask for changes in parenting time
  • Prepare affidavits
  • Prepare consent orders
  • Review your drafts
  • Help you prepare a negotiation offer

These lawyers are not your lawyer. They do not represent you. They also can’t:

  • Go to your trial
  • Prepare agreements for you
  • Deal with any complex issues

Child protection is a compicated legal process and each case is different. Therefore, it’s best to speak to hire a family lawyer as soon as possible.

In conclusion, you can learn more about family law on our YouTube.