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Civil Lawsuit Ontario

Rules Of Civil Procedure

Ontario Lawsuits

Are you looking for a lawyer for a civil lawsuit in Ontario? What does a business lawyer in Toronto do? Business lawyers mostly deal with contracts and corporate disputes. This article will focus on business lawsuits in Ontario.

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An Ontario lawsuit lawyer often deals with breach of contract. This is done for mergers and acquisitions and trade secrets disputes. Also, it can be for mortgage lawsuits, privacy breaches, and contract breaches.

A Toronto business lawyer gets to learn about a lot of different industries. Each business and industry is completely unique. Each has its own pros and cons. That is why it’s important to hire a top business lawyer with a lot of experience.

Superior Court Of Justice | Civil Lawsuit Ontario

It’s important that a lawyer knows their clients very well. Business lawyers can go on for years, and the company executives and the business lawyer will be spending a lot of time together. Therefore, you need to pick a lawyer that you can trust. You should be able to call them at 4 pm on a Tuesday and get quick answers to your legal questions.

There are a lot of procedures at Superior Court. It’s not as simple as the provincial court. You need to know how many days in advance of a hearing that you need to file something. If you miss deadlines, your claim might be thrown out. And if it is you being sued, the other side might win by default.

If you are being sued for $100,000 and you don’t want to hire a lawyer, it’s probably a bad idea. You might want to save $10,000 on legal fees. But if the other side spends $10,000 on legal fees and you lose, you might have to pay them a lot. That would be the $100,000 judgment plus reimbursement of their $10,000 in legal fees!

Civil Lawsuit In Ontario Alleging Breach Of Contract

As mentioned, the focus of a business lawyer is to make sure all the court rules are followed. Days are rarely the same for corporate lawyers.

The typical court case for business lawsuits in Ontario might go as follows:

  1. The plaintiff files the notice of claim
  2. The defendant files a response to the notice of claim
  3. Both parties provide each other with disclosure
  4. There are examinations of both parties (by the other parties lawyer)
  5. There are hearing for small matters (applications)
  6. The parties go through a mediation process
  7. There are pre-trial conferences
  8. The trial
  9. Possible appeals

Actions Started | Set Down For Trial

If you are a busy CEO, there is no way that you will be able to take a large amount of time off work to deal with all of this. Your company might fail just by the amount of time you spend away from the office. You wouldn’t send an accountant to go to work on a marketing project. So don’t send a non-legal expert to work on a legal issue.

We have lawyers that can help you with:

  • Lawsuits with banks
  • Lawsuits for class actions
  • Employment lawsuits
  • Issues with the CRA (hearings)
  • Corporate bankruptcy
  • Lawsuits with franchises
  • Lawsuits and actions regarding real estate contracts

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How to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Lawsuit


Hire an experienced, competent lawyer.  It is also important that you hire a lawyer who is honest and realistic with you about your chances of success, as well as the costs involved with litigation.  You should also know what kind of lawyer you need for your case.


Be Honest with Your Lawyer.  In order to help you achieve success, it is critical that you share all relevant information and documents with your lawyer, even you think they will hurt your case.  It is worse for harmful information to come out later.  Your lawyer cannot properly advise and guide you without all key information.


Know Your Own Case.  Make sure you have a general appreciation of the legal issues at play in your lawsuit and how the facts work into those issues.  Ask your lawyer questions when you are not sure.  You want to be a helpful advocate for your position.


What You Need To Know About A Civil Lawsuit In Ontario

Winning a Lawsuit

Be Co-Operative:  The right lawyer is trying to help you win your case.  Missing meetings and deadlines, or ignoring your lawyer’s calls and emails, does not help your case.  In fact, missing key deadlines may put your entire case into jeopardy since a Judge may dismiss your claim for delay.


Be Realistic.  Listen carefully to your lawyer’s advice.  What may seem obvious to you may not be the right answer legally-speaking.  Your lawyer should be able to explain any obstacles that may come up.


Think About Collecting on that Judgment.  If you win a lawsuit but cannot recover money from the Judgment, that is key to know. Otherwise, a Judgment may just be a piece of paper you end up keeping in your drawer!  Your lawyer should help you think of ways to collect at the beginning of the lawsuit.  It may be obvious, but collecting is the most important part of the process!


Be Open to a Possible Settlement During the Litigation Process.  There is value to achieving a good outcome at some point during the litigation process, especially taking into account the delays and costs associated with litigation.  Sometimes, it’s better to have money in your pocket now than possible success later on, especially if an appeal occurs.

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