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Civil Litigation Lawyer Toronto

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Civil Litigation Lawyer Toronto

Lawsuit Against Employers | Business Liability Insurance 

What happens when your business is sued?

Most of the time a business will receive a legal letter before it is sued. We are currently dealing with a claim against a technology company. The companies support team and technology team did not work well together. The support team did not communicate with their legal team that there was legal liability arising. Without going into any detail, the support team was in over their heads.

The first thing the company received was a letter demand letter. It outlined the basis of the claim and that damage relief was being asked for. This does not mean the company has been sued, as the claim had not yet been filed with the court. Depending on how the company responds, the claim will be filed, or an out of court settlement will occur.

Business Lawyers | Getting Legal Advice

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Many Ontario companies do business outside of Canada. It is important to hire a business law firm that understands international law.

Some large companies get in trouble for violating government sanctions and embargos. China’s most successful international company Huawei was recently charged with violating sanctions regarding doing business with Iran. The CFO of Huawei was arrested in Vancouver, Canada, and is awaiting deportation to the USA. It is amazing that Huawei’s lawyers did not know that Canada had an extradition treaty with the USA. The lawyers should have told the CFO not to land in any country with an extradition treaty with the USA. Perhaps the company got too big too soon.

Having a business lawyer that understands your business and is up to date with what is going on is extremely important.

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What You Need to Know as a Business Owner

1.       Business planning is key.  Some of the world’s most successful people started out with a written business plan.  Identify your objective, strategies, action plan and obstacles.  Prepare regular budgets.   You may wish to hire a business coach to help you develop and work through your business plan.

2.       Hire the Right Employees/Fire the Wrong Employees:  One of your biggest expenses may be your staff.  Your success is controlled, in part, by these individuals.  The right employees will bring positive energy, enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment.  However, on the flip side, it is important that you quickly weed out the “bad apples”.  A toxic employee will be a “time-suck”, is a demoralizing force to other employees and can create a toxic or hostile work culture.   These people should be terminated quickly but it is always important to seek legal advice before terminating any employee.  Failing to do so could lead to significant damages.

3.       Retain the services of a professional “team” including lawyers and accountants.  Hiring the right professionals will help with the success of your business and ensure compliance with legal obligations.   They should be considered a necessity and part of your business expenses.

4.       Be Mindful of Your Expenses.  It is best to remain conservative, especially at the outset.

5.       Social Networking:  Don’t forget the value of social networking when you trying to get the word out about your new business.  Your connections may become your greatest allies.  Profile is key.

6.       Customer Service and Adding Value:  Your reputation may determine your success.  Keep your customers happy: make them feel appreciated, valued, and understood.  Be receptive to feedback, including constructive criticism.  Find ways to “add value” by exceeding expectations.