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Cost To Register Trademark In China

Cost To Register Trademark In China


Are you looking for the cost to register a trademark in China? ClearWay Law is a bridge between western countries and China. We can help people in the USA, Canada, Australia, and England do business in China. We have top lawyers located in China that can help with business law. Doing business in China without legal advice is asking for trouble. You are probably wanting to expand to China since it’s so large. It is true that there are many opportunities in China. However, you could also lose all your money. This often happens when you do not have a business lawyer to protect your legal rights.

China’s legal system is behind. We don’t know how long it takes China to develop and how long it takes Chinese people to change. It might be in 20 years. Many people in China don’t know they need to hire a lawyer. That can give you an advantage over the Chinese company that you work with.

You can see the location of the Beijing office below. If you are wanting a lawyer in a different city in China, let us know.

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The Beijing Lawyers Services

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  • Registering trademarks in China

Register Trademark In China

Innovation hasn’t started yet in the China legal system. Based on legal reports, there were 79 online legal marketplaces/legal service websites established in China from 2007-2017.

The number of legal innovation companies is below: 

2007 – 2011: 7

2012: 7

2013: 12

2014: 22

2015: 24

2016: 7

In 2015 Tencent and Alibaba invested in 2 companies. In 2016 Baidu invested in 1 company.

2016 the trend went down, and the market became cold. The peak of the capital investment passed. No one did anything new since 2016.

10% of the companies are gone since 2016.

The one Tencent invested, yingle.com, they tried to compete in the market using flat fee/low price/template base/online consultation and pushed the uber lawyer idea. They developed fast in from 2015 to 2016 after two rounds of investment. For the investment, they only raised a few million dollars. Compared to other industries in China this is nothing. They managed to have 20K lawyers listed on their site in 2016 then they failed in 2017.

ClearWay Law is focused on helping foreign companies come to China instead of serving the Chinese legal market.

Register Trademark In China

Apply For Trademark In China

If you need to apply for a trademark in China, contact us. We are from North America, and we know how scary it can be to do business in China. We know the differences between western markets and China.  Our lawyers in China can help those who need business law support, employment law, etc. We are a bridge between Canada, the USA, Australia, the UK, and China that serve both sides.

We have a website in China (Clearwaylaw.cn) that promotes content that educates Chinese people about Canadian law and the legal system. Our .com website educates people in the west about going to China.

We teach people about the supreme court, provincial court, what is federal incorporation, and provincial incorporation. Also, we teach people about how child custody works in Canada, how common-law works in Canada, etc.

Protecting Trademarks In China

If you want to do business in China, you need to think of what makes you unique and stand out. You should focus on a minimal market, boutique, and elite. We can explain some tips for how to grow into China. We can also likely connect you with a few people.

How Many Trademarks Does Ivanka Trump Have In China?

This is a common question that people ask about on Google. The Trumps own around 18 trademarks in China. Ivanka Trump recently registered another five trademarks. The Trump family knows how important it is to register their valuable trademark when doing business in another country.

Our lawyers in China can help you with:

  • trademark registration
  • trademark infringement
  • intellectual property
  • trademark law
  • registering in Hong Kong
  • protecting a registered trademark
  • expanding into the Chinese market
  • trademark application
  • Chinese trademark

Register Trademark In China FAQ

Is it even possible to protect your trademark in China?

Yes, but you must do it correctly. If you don’t protect your trademark, someone will steal your IP.

Are lawyers in China expensive?

The pricing is similar to what you would find in the United States.

Should I set up my company in Shanghai?

That’s up to you! Shanghai and Beijing are popular places for foreign companies to set up.

Can a Chinese lawyer help me win a lawsuit against a Chinese company?

Yes, we can have a business lawyer represent you in front of a Chinese court. You will need an expert lawyer.

How does the system work?

Contact us and we will have a trademark lawyer in China contact you.

How does ClearWay Law work?

Send us your information and we will let you know if we can help you.