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Does COVID-19 Hurt Your Marriage Or Make It Stronger?

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COVID-19 Hurt Your Marriage

Can COVID-19 hurt your marriage? Or is it possible that it might improve during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Being in quarantine or self-isolation makes you discover who your spouse truly is. Your partner might have had excuses for not playing with their kids because of work. They may have said they don’t have time to do housework due to long hours at their job. But now that they are not going to work, are they still not taking care of the kids or cleaning? Many people say they cannot do something because they don’t have the time. But when you are stuck at home, you have all the time in the world.

If you don’t do things now, you likely will never do them. Many people have realized that their partner is never going to be ideal. For this reason, they are considering divorce or separation.

Or maybe it feels like it is you and your spouse against the world. Do you feel that you cherish your partner more during the quarantine? Do you are your spouse support each other mentally and physically? You have finally found the time to do things with your spouse. You are no longer stuck in traffic for hours. Instead, you can have deep conversations. Maybe you and your spouse are catching up on all those movies you never got to watch.

Postponed Their Weddings

Others have postponed their wedding because no one would attend. This is, of course, going to reduce the number of married couples this year. Vital Statistics has started reimbursing people the $100 fee for marriage licenses. All you have to do is send the marriage license via mail with a handwritten note. You explain that your wedding was canceled due to the Coronavirus.

Everyone these days is also speaking about social distancing. How about the distance in your marriage? Are you and your spouse distancing from each other? People should be careful not to just wash their hands and stay away from strangers. They also must think about their emotional and mental health. You don’t want to lose your marriage due to COVID-19.

There is a lot of news about the economic loss and death toll because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, people rarely talk about the devastating impact on people’s social life as well. And by social life, we also mean your marriage or relationship. Are divorces going up because of the virus?

Does COVID-19 Hurt Your Marriage?

Reports came out that divorce rates have gone up drastically in China. This happened after married couples were forced to live together for months. We have also seen that divorce rates are up in Ontario.

Our family lawyers in Ontario have been receiving tons of calls and emails. This was mainly from common-law partners and married couples who want to split.

Would these people have separated anyway if COVID-19 didn’t happen? Or did the virus destroy their marriage or relationship?

Some people are doing well and caring about public health, but still doing creative things. See this very cute video below. It’s important to make the best of the time despite the travel restrictions. This is true even if the times are terrible. In this video, two people that never would have met during normal times have found love. They have found unique ways to communicate with each other. They met with the help of a drone!

Maybe you have started speaking to your friends and family more than before (over video conferencing.)

Social Distancing Due To COVID-19

During these bizarre times, some people go as far as to kill others. Someone killed their wife in the garage and pretending the wife died before of the coronavirus.

There was also the sad case recently in Nova Scotia where at least 22 people died.

It would appear that the gunman had got laid off due to the Coronavirus. However, would he have still done the killing spree during normal times?

Public Health | Can COVID-19 Hurt Your Marriage?

The point of this article is to encourage you to make the most of these days. Stay away from negative activities (and people.) Instead, focus on creating love and improve your relationships. Everyone handles stress differently.

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