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Family Law | Definition

Family law consists of federal and provincial legislation and legal rules about families. The family law definition can be hard to define. It covers almost all aspects of family life. Ontario’s Family Law Act, for instance, deals with child adoption, protection and access, financial support and property division. The federal Divorce Act governs laws around marriage and divorce, including cultural and religious preferences and same-sex marriages.

The most common reason why someone contacts our firm is for a separation agreement. Normally they have a custody issue and they are looking for help. Other times they are looking to divide assets, get child support or spousal support.

Sometimes someone calls and wants to get help paying less child support. Most of the time when someone calls our law firm, they are looking to go to court. We explain how long and expensive going to court can be.  Most of the time resolving things outside of court is much cheaper and faster. But of course, the other side has to agreement to settle with a judge getting involved.

Family Law Definition

Family law can also include many other things such as adoptions. Other reasons why someone can reach out to a family law firm includes guardianship, marriage agreements, and cohabitation agreements. Therefore, the family law definition is very wide and can imply many things.

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