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What Will Happen If Donald Trump Won’t Leave The White House?

Donald Trump Won't Leave

What will happen if Donald Trump won’t leave his position as president? It’s no secret that Canadians, Chinese, and indeed the world, love to watch the United States Elections. There were almost 57 million people watching the 2020 election coverage live as the results came in.


I have seen many Canadians post on their social media about what will happen if current President Trump refuses to concede and leave the White House.


The United States is a major trading partner with both Canada and China, both of which are countries I have businesses in. As such, if there is civil unrest in the United States, it affects me greatly.


Joe Biden has been officially announced as the winner of the 2020 election. Donald Trump has responded by challenging the results in the Supreme Court. However, it’s very unlikely that the results will change unless new evidence becomes known.


Mr Trump mostly takes issue with the mail-in votes. This year’s election was different because of COVID-19. The ability to vote by mail was important because many did not feel comfortable waiting in line for hours.


No person should be forced to pick between their safety and their right to vote.

2020 elections

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Giving Up Prevents Violence


No president has ever refused to leave the White House. Normally the person who loses the election gives a concession speech on the evening of the election results. A concession speech is important because it means the election is over.


It reduces the chances of the supporters of the losing candidate taking to the streets to fight. The loser admits they have lost, and there is nothing more to do.


Until the losing party concedes, no steps can take place to start getting the new president-elect ready to take power (over 2.5 months.) This can cause massive delays and reduce the effectiveness of the president-elect.


Until one party concedes, the election is still ongoing. Either Trump will have to give up, which likely won’t happen, or the Supreme Court will declare a winner. Things normally move slowly in the courts.

The Impact On Canadian Companies


My company, ClearWay Law is negotiating with investment funds in the United States. When things get rough, investment money tightens. If Donald Trump refuses to stand down, it could hurt my business and my ability to raise capital.


The Trump team has said that there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration. If Biden cannot take control in January 2021, it could mean that the United States has no president or administration actively working on fighting COVID-19.


If the United States cannot get the virus under control, it will greatly affect the health of Canadians (even with the border closed) and the Canadian economy.


If Donald Trump gets upset enough, he can start laying off many key people in the government. This could make the system run slowly, and cause chaos. Donald Trump operates well in Chaos, and chaos could enforce his position that “something is not right.”


What Happens If Donald Trump Won’t Leave?


On January 20, 2020, what happens if Trump refuses to leave the White House? Donald Trump will be legally trespassing on the grounds of the White House building.


The secret service is responsible for the protection of the white house. They could technically detain Mr Trump, and remove him from the grounds of the White House, using force.


Mr Trump would also stop having any presidential authority as of January 20, 2021. Therefore, if he tried to give an order, or fire someone, it would not be valid.


Trump can cause a lot of problems until January 20, 2021. However, if Trump cannot get the Supreme Court to rule in his favour, that date will likely be Donald Trump’s last day in politics.


Alistair Vigier is the CEO of ClearWay Law, a legal innovation company in Canada and Beijing.