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Family Lawyer Abbotsford BC

Family Lawyer Abbotsford BC

Are you looking for a family lawyer in Abbotsford BC? The nearest full-service courthouse to Abbotsford is either New Westminister or Chilliwack. Our lawyers in Abbotsford can attend either courthouse for you. If it’s provincial, there might be a courthouse that works best for you. Don’t assume these are small decisions. Each court has different types of court staff and judges.

An experienced family lawyer will know the right place to file your paperwork. If someone else has started the paperwork, then you have little choice. However, you might be able to get the court file moved.

Lawyers Abbotsford Family Law Services

  • Legal advice for family law
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Help with restraining orders
  • Property division
  • Family property issues
  • Spousal support
  • Help with common law disputes
  • Separation agreements
  • Marriage agreements
  • Custody agreements


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Divorce Care Abbotsford | Family Lawyer Abbotsford BC

Our lawyers can help you with all areas related to family law. This can include a separation agreement, spousal support, or general legal advice. It could also be child custody guardianship, child support, or how to access the child. There are different levels of court with family law. Things can be filed in either the provincial court or the supreme court. Making the right decision is very important. That is why you need legal services from an experienced family lawyer. The court in British Columbia is no joke, and you do not want to make any mistakes. When someone fails to resolve their case, they might have to go to trial. If you lose at trial, you might have to pay the other side’s legal fees.

If you need a family lawyer in Abbotsford BC, see the service below.

Here are some things a family lawyer in Abbotsford can help you with:

  • separation agreement
  • the court in British Columbia
  • resolve your case
  • legal services
  • explaining the levels of court
  • helping with all areas related to family and divorce law
  • spousal support
  • child custody guardianship
  • assistance in all areas of the divorce
  • legal advice
  • child support
  • access child

In conclusion, if you want to learn more about child support or legal services, see our videos.

Family Lawyer Abbotsford BC FAQ

How easy is it to calculate the child support amount?

It’s hard because the other side and/or the courts must agree with the amount. You need to build a case about why the amount of child support is the correct amount.

Do your lawyers offer service in all areas related to family law?

Yes, we can connect you with multiple lawyers that have different practice strategies. We will find you the right family lawyer.

How do I hire family law lawyers?

You can book an appointment with a lawyer using our services. We will connect you to one or two lawyers for free. They will call you and discuss your legal issue.

How can I prepare for the law firm consultation?

You should know what you want to happen. You will then be able to get answers to your most important legal questions.

How old does a child need to be to make their own decisions?

Each province has its own laws. The rules are different in each province. You will have to connect with a lawyer in your province to get legal advice.

Can I get quick 5 minute legal advice?

No, you must book a free consultation with a lawyer to get legal advice. Our intake team cannot provide you with legal advice.