Child Support Lawyers in Toronto

Are you looking to get paid child support, or are you being asked to pay child support? Our child support lawyers in Toronto can help you. We have software that we use to calculate the fair amount that one spouse should be paying to the other.

Family law child support is often listed as one of the most important things that a spouse wants to get out of a divorce. Raising a child is not cheap, and child support can help cover (or fully cover) the costs.

Lump Sum Spousal Support

Child Support Law

Child support law can be quite complicated. That is why it is one of the main reasons someone contacts our family law firm. It is always best to get child support help from a family lawyer, instead of taking advice from your friend or Google.

Our child support lawyers came up with three main factors that child support payments are based on.

  • How many children you and your spouse have
  • Which province the parents that is being asked to pay the child support lives in
  • How much income both parents make

It is now easy to make or receive child support payments in Ontario. The Family Responsibility Office (FRO) manages child support payments for Ontario. The FBO office is part of the Ministry of Community and Social Services. The government run office helps people who are entitled to child support collect the money and also enforce the child support agreements or family law court orders. They can set up different kinds of payment schedules, but the most common is monthly payments via direct deposit from you or your ex spouses bank account.

Your child support custody lawyer can help you submit a copy of your divorce agreement or the court order that you received from the family law judge to the Family Responsibility Office in Oshawa, Ontario. Your family lawyer will also help you prepare a completed affidavit which they will send in to either the FRO office or the nearest family law court.

Child Support Legal Questions

What is child support meant to cover?

Child support covers the child’s living expenses. This often includes food, shelter, water, school, and medical.

What is is the best way to calculate how much child support I am expected to pay?

Our family lawyers use software called Divorcemate. It is very accurate.

How is child support calculated?

The Family Responsibility Office (FRO) manages child support payments for Ontario.

I had a court order against me ruling that I must pay child support. Can one of your lawyer’s try to get the amount changed?

Yes. We will have to file papers with the local family law court.

If you want to speak to a child support lawyer in Ontario right now, there are three ways to contact us.

  1. Book a consultation 24/7 on our website
  2. Text us 24/7 at 778-676-3808
  3. Call our toll free number at 844-466-6LAW (529)

One of our child support custody lawyers will be happy to help you.

Child Support Lawyer for Non-Custodial Parent

A non custodial parent is the parent that was often ruled by a family law judge to not have custody of the child. Since the non custodial parent is not taking care of the child, the family law courts often rule that the non custodial parent must pay child support to the custodial parent.

If your ex spouse is the one who is taking care of the child, there is a good chance you will be ordered to pay it. How much you need to pay will depend on the circumstances. This often includes how much you make, how much your spouse makes, how much time each parent has with the child, the type of lifestyle the child was use to before the divorce, and many other factors.

Our family law firm uses the software Divorcemate to help you make a calculation of the amount of child support you can expect to pay. This is extremely helpful because you and your ex spouse should be able to come to a compromise on the amount without going to court. Court is expensive and open to the public, so it is best to deal with your child support issues outside the court whenever possible.

Chantalle Sawision, Family Law Lawyer

Ms. Sawision practices in the area of Family Law, specifically dealing with child custody and access issues, child and spousal support issues and the negotiation and litigation of financial issues. A skilled negotiator and advocate, Ms. Sawision has helped numerous clients reach satisfying settlements and successfully argued on behalf of her clients on a variety of family law issues.

In addition to her role as an advocate, Ms. Sawision is also experienced in Alternative Dispute Resolution and has assisted parties in reaching fair and reasonable settlements in an amicable and cost-effective manner.

Ms. Sawision graduated from Bond University with a Juris Doctor (J.D.), Law and will work day and night to surpass your expectations and provide an experience that is not merely transactional, but transformational. Her main priority is to be your partner through legal disputes, not just your legal counsel. She will work with you to create a strategic, results-focused path to help achieve the best outcome.


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