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Are you in need of support during a separation or divorce? Also, do you need assistance with putting together a family agreement? This would be done prior to moving in with someone or getting married. Our Edmonton child support lawyers can help you. Are you looking for an Edmonton family lawyer? Read on to learn more.

Our Edmonton family lawyers understand that it is often beneficial to explore methods of alternative dispute resolution. This should be done before committing to litigation. Our family law experts in Edmonton has served many clients. This was often done during the most difficult times in their lives.

You can meet the lawyers at 10180 101 St NW Suite 3400, Edmonton, AB. Please note that this location is appointment only.

Our family law team offers compassionate representation when you need a separation lawyer in Edmonton. Are you looking for a child guardianship lawyer in Edmonton? Or maybe for a child mediation lawyer in Edmonton? Our family law team can help you.

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Our family law lawyers in Edmonton offer support with alternative dispute resolution (ADR.) This can include arbitration and mediation. Also, they can assist you in obtaining an agreement. If this is successful you won’t have to go to the family law court.

Were you unable to achieve an agreement outside of court? Our family law team will assist you with representation through your court proceedings. Our affordable Edmonton family lawyers will keep you informed. This will happen at every stage of your court case.

If you prefer to represent yourself, our Edmonton family lawyers also provide self-representation coaching. Therefore, you will know that you are fully equipped when fighting for your interests.

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Family Law Services In Edmonton

There are many different facets of what your life will look like following a separation or a divorce. If you have children, you will need to agree on access arrangements, custody, child support, and a parenting plan. Furthermore, you need support from our Edmonton family lawyers about the division of assets.

Forms of alternative dispute resolution can keep you outside of court and ensure an agreement that is in your best interests and that both parties are able to live with. We find this process to be less stressful and our Edmonton family lawyers have extensive experience in this field.

Having an agreement is crucial before cohabitating or getting married. This helps to outline the rights and responsibilities of both parties and our Edmonton family lawyers will ensure you are appropriately protected and covered.

When entering the courtroom on your own, it is critical to feeling confident as well as informed about what to expect. If you choose to represent yourself, ensure that you are appropriately prepared with the support provided by our Edmonton family lawyers.

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If you have never seen a lawyer before we realize the process can be intimidating. We want you to feel comfortable. You can hire a lawyer for only a few hours to receive legal advice without committing.

Our lawyers can help you if you are in a common-law relationship or a same-sex marriage. If you are planning to go with an uncontested divorce, move quickly. You don’t want things to change.

If you applied for a divorce and got rejected, our lawyers can help. They will likely have to redo a bunch of the paperwork.

Our affordable lawyers can also help you get child support, spousal support, or legal advice.

Book a meeting with an Edmonton family lawyer. At some firms, some lawyers offer free 30-minute consultations, some charge for an hour consultation. It depends on how many years the lawyer has been practicing.

Costs to Obtain an Edmonton Family Lawyer

Our Edmonton family lawyers will speak to you at the beginning of your case. They will learn about the facts of your situation and help explain to you what needs to happen.

How do I get in touch with my lawyer? Our affordable lawyers offer online chat, email support, and a hotline to remain accessible to you. It is our goal to be available when you need to speak to someone. If you ever need to touch base, you can send us an email. If you decide you want a new lawyer, let us know.

For a child custody lawyer in Edmonton, make sure you research the lawyers before making your final decision. The outcome of your case includes important repercussions for you. But it’s also important for your family as well. You need to seek out a divorce lawyer in Edmonton.

Are you having difficulties finding a Lawyer for a separation or divorce? Let us know, and we can help you.


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  • FAQ's

    Does It Matter Who Files for Divorce First in Edmonton?

    Yes. When one spouse decides to file for a divorce, he or she is referred to as the plaintiff while the other spouse will be the defendant. During the case proceedings, the spouse who first filed for divorce has more power since they decide the pace of the proceedings. Their preference is highly valued by the court. In essence, the first to file for divorce determines the direction of the case.

    How Long Does It Take for a Divorce to Be Finalized in Edmonton?

    The process of finalizing a divorce in Edmonton can take different time frames depending on different factors. The division of assets, custody matters. income and family are some of the factors determining the time to finalize a divorce case. However, it generally takes about 31 days after the court judgment for the divorce case to be finalized. A divorce certificate is then issued.

    How Do I Protect Myself Financially From My Spouse?

    If you are getting married, you can sign a prenuptial agreement with your partner to protect yourself financially. This may sound outrageous but marriages go wrong and it is good to be prepared for any eventuality. If you are getting divorced, the prenuptial comes in handy when deciding how to split any wealth that may have been amassed during the period of marriage. Make sure you have a divorce attorney to help you make sound financial decisions.